tyler perry put on the cape to save BET cause it wanna be saved

when i got into bet heavy around the late 90s,
i stopped watching cartoons.
i missed out on that whole pokémon wave cause of it.
music videos,
and black entertainment started to dominate my life.
it was all thanks to bet because i had it on every tv.
bet had really good programming back in the day.

106 and Park with Free and AJ
Talking on the phone while watching Midnight Love
Who remembers the first black AI, Cita?
Music videos had black folks glowing and looking luxurious

even sunday programming on bet was dope.
bet catered to us on the only channel dedicated to us.
somewhere in the timeline especially after bob johnson sold it,
things changed and it became wack af.
these days,
bet is a shell of its former self and i don’t know many who watch tbh.
it seems tyler perry is about it rescue it tho…

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my owner lets me take yearly vacations and approves my sick days, he does

this is one of those “dumb” moments we all have.
the one where after we say something,
we catch ourselves with a heavy wait a minute….
so nba baller wolf,
king james,
said on his hbo show,
“the shop”:

“In the NFL they got a bunch of old white men owning teams and they got that slave mentality,” James said. “And it’s like, ‘This is my team. You do what the f— I tell y’all to do. Or we get rid of y’all.’ ”

…which is a solid opinion.
the combine is like a modern day slave auction.

well nfl baller wolf for the chargers,
antonio gates,
disagrees with what king james had to say.
he gon’ say on “tmz sports”

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The Porn Hybrid Who Beats Up More Than The Booty

well be careful because “cute” will put them paws on ya.
so everyone meet tyce jax aka jared louis velazquez.
i’m sure some of you know his work in porn very well.
i am familiar with his resume.
well outside of this hybrid’s porn life,
he also seems to be very angry.
he was arrested for allegedly beating up his boyfriend.
oh yeah.
here is the story via project q atlanta
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tumblr_mpd67uvrtA1qj171uo1_400hate is such a strong word.
i’ll use loathe.
police have been fuckin’ with people (minorities) for years.
in ny they have a law where they can search you at any given moment.
even if you are innocent and minding your own business.
the following video is heartbreaking.
these pigs shot this wolf’s dog because he was trying to protect his owner.
you know they do that sort of thing.
the owner should have been minding his business,
but did they really have to shoot this animal?…

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The Biggest Baller Snow Wolf of Them All?

Mark Cubanthat is the same face i made when i read the story.
here i am putting two and two together to buy groceries today lol
anyway everyone meet mark cuban.
owns the dallas mavs.
he also just won the lottery.
the rich just got a whole lot richer…

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