tumblr_mpd67uvrtA1qj171uo1_400hate is such a strong word.
i’ll use loathe.
police have been fuckin’ with people (minorities) for years.
in ny they have a law where they can search you at any given moment.
even if you are innocent and minding your own business.
the following video is heartbreaking.
these pigs shot this wolf’s dog because he was trying to protect his owner.
you know they do that sort of thing.
the owner should have been minding his business,
but did they really have to shoot this animal?…

tumblr_inline_mp6hctvRdE1qz4rgpi thought this was so fucked up.
i cried.
i’m a softee when it comes to things like this.
i hate the owner had to witness that too.
the dog wasn’t acting aggressive.
i don’t understand why they had to shoot him so many times.
the poor dog didn’t even die quickly either.
the owner speaks out:

can he sue?
if so,
id sue the FUCK out them.

2 thoughts on “I HATE PIGS!

  1. you forget they hire white trash (uneducated wiggers) to be police officers, did you expect better?

    1. ^sad

      it is sad.
      if they are so quick to shoot a non aggressive dog,
      it makes me think about all the non aggressive black people they have shot up over the decades.

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