Note To Self: Throw Away Used Condoms Before Maid Finds Them.

tumblr_mpd775Zb8D1s6tv1eo1_500i nearly fell asleep,
i was tired as hell,
but i’m glad i didn’t miss it.
i watched being mary jane last night.
i enjoyed it a lot.
i mean that opening sex scene got right to the point.
with all the various adult elements within the movie,
i see why it had a 1030pm debut time.
i liked gabrielle’s portrayal of mary jane,
although i feel she has played this same character before.
i don’t really expect supreme acting chops from gabby,
but she knows her limits.
the one thing i liked about the movie is that it was relatable.
she wasn’t some park avenue princess who already had a good life.
all she was lookin’ for was some exclusive dick and more fly shoes.
mary jane had that ratchet ass family,
only hitting her up because she had money,
giving her attitude when she didn’t deserve it,
and still trying to find a good man/family she wanted.
i woulda complete cut off that side of the family,
like i have done in my own life,
but mary jane was obviously an enabler.

other small things i liked:
omari hardwick.

omari hard wick’s body.
omari hardwick wet.

tumblr_mpchrhgnYQ1rlb6iho2_400mary jane’s car
mary jane’s house
tike sumpter and her plugging her other show, “haves and haves nots”
mary jane being ratchet and steal in’ that man’s sperm as collateral
did i mention:

omari-hardwick-visiting-gifting-service-05Photo credit: FayesVision / WENN

lowkey: is it me or did that spanish woman resemble evelyn lozada?
i’ll tune in for the show next year.
yes i said next year.
it looks promising and best of all: grown.
how many other shows have people masturbating in their office before a date?
btw: totally takes the edge off.

x watch being mary jane

x being mary jane soundtrack

6 thoughts on “Note To Self: Throw Away Used Condoms Before Maid Finds Them.

  1. I didn’t watch it last night, but I will watch it tonight though. It seems good from the commercials I’ve seen.

  2. I didn’t watch it all last night, I was tired as shit lol. I’m gonna watch it now. That gif is hot. Just imagine spraying water on him while he’s naked tho. Yea I took y’all there huh? LOL.

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