i could have stayed in for “halloween” (watched it and…)

i love spontaneous situations.
when someone tells me to put my clothes on because we going somewhere.
this is by car or paying for my uber.
don’t call me to tell me get on the sketchy mta late night.
well that was my straight home wolf i haven’t seen in months!
we spoke the other day and i told him how blah i’ve been.
he bought two tickets to see the new “halloween” for a late night showing.
i wanted to see it since the trailer

so let’s get into the movie

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No More Mr. Nice Fox

71R6N-+s31Lwhen i read something and it makes me cringe,
i have to share it with the foxhole.
when i say “cringe”,
i mean having to look at myself and not want to go live in a cave.
“no more mr. nice guy” by dr. robert glover
well its making a fox cringe.
i’m still reading it,
but it has pulled my card and i can’t say that i like it.
so this is how i found out about this book…
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So Janet Released Her “No Sleep” Video And…

Screen-Shot-2015-06-22-at-1.07.00-PM-750x400so everyone has been buzzin’ about the new janet video for “no sleep”.
the f-bi sent me a few emails about it.
i was really excited,
so i busted out my laptop for this event.
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What I Got Reading “The Power Playbook” by La La Anthony

la-la-anthony-book-signing-e1426780604332like i said in ( x my last entry ),
i assumed all the wrong things about la la anthony.
i assumed she was a basketball wife who came up after marrying carmelo anthony.
i assumed she just hosted reality shows.
i assumed she got hooked up with acting roles.
i assumed she was just a working socialite.
well a fox assumed wrong.
after reading “the power playbook”,
i can honestly say all those assumptions have been killed.
i will kindly pull my cape out for her life…

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So Lets Get Into The Pinkprint From Nicki Minaj (FOXY REVIEW)

10784892_1490554537888685_1433127262_n-640x220when i heard nicki minaj was coming out with a new album,
one inspired by jay’s “the blueprint”,
i will admit i was pretty excited.
i enjoyed that whole blueprint movement,
and it serves a lot of memories from high school,
so i KNEW nicki minaj was about to deliver.
she immediately dropped singles to prepare us for this new era.
“lookin’ ass pineapple” and “boss ass bitch” i was feelin’ type heavy.
she is spittin’.
thank god.
when she rapped on the lackluster “anaconda”,
i was scratching my head with the sour face.
even though i loved “pills and potions”,
i was really eh for “bed of lies”.
my hype for this album kinda went out the window.
one of my readers sent me the album to review and well…
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Can I Be In Your “Top Five”?

o-TOP-FIVE-POSTER-570i love when my readers bless me with fun stuff.
it makes the foxhole a lot more exciting.
one of my favs got me an advanced screening to chris rock’s “top five” on thursday night.
the theater were it was happening was across town at lincoln center.
good thing i left my job when i did.
the line to get inside was complete madness.
the audience was of course mainly black.
the wolves who showed also looked mainly fine.
it was a very college/professional/fashionable black crowd.
my absolute favorite.
many of the wolves came with vixens.
ask me if that stopped me from looking?
and drooling.
the tall model wolf with this stupid body sat behind me alone tho…
IMHORNYi wanted to get into a review thursday night,
but i had a lot on my mind with all that has been going on.
well better late than never!
lets get into it…
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