Can I Be In Your “Top Five”?

o-TOP-FIVE-POSTER-570i love when my readers bless me with fun stuff.
it makes the foxhole a lot more exciting.
one of my favs got me an advanced screening to chris rock’s “top five” on thursday night.
the theater were it was happening was across town at lincoln center.
good thing i left my job when i did.
the line to get inside was complete madness.
the audience was of course mainly black.
the wolves who showed also looked mainly fine.
it was a very college/professional/fashionable black crowd.
my absolute favorite.
many of the wolves came with vixens.
ask me if that stopped me from looking?
and drooling.
the tall model wolf with this stupid body sat behind me alone tho…
IMHORNYi wanted to get into a review thursday night,
but i had a lot on my mind with all that has been going on.
well better late than never!
lets get into it…

so “top five” is about a comedian named andre allen (chris rock),
who decided he wanted to be a serious actor.
while trying to obtain this new “serious like” path,
he is also engaged to erica long (gabrielle union),
a reality star/black kim k-ish on the bravo network.
andre has a movie coming out about “slavery-gone-what?”,
the same weekend he is supposed to have a big reality show wedding as well.
this is where he meets chelsea brown (rosario dawson),
a journalist assigned to follow him around and interview him.
as he is being interviewed,
without giving it away,
he realizes how much he has fallen off and lost himself in the process.
sounds exciting right?

i thought the movie was funny as hell.
the part in the hotel room with karlie redd>>>>
the part with chelsea’s boyfriend>>>>>>
now don’t go in expecting to use your brain.
it’s something you can go with your pack or date and have a good laugh.
can i say i love watching movies with a black audience on “black night”?
thats when “we” go to the movies to watch and support our people.
nothing says a good time than black people in the theater.
i also loved the most about the movie was all the guest cameos.
the biggest one being the surprise close to the end.
i found it interesting was the movie was co produced by jay z and kanye.
there is a scene where erica calls andre and has this revealing blow up.
once you see what she says on the phone,
you might give kanye the craziest side eye for being so messy.

1921b3vyu3uzwgifthere is also a part in the movie between andre and chelsea,
the big twist,
that kinda reminded me of myself and meeting celebs/baller wolves.
made me think of a future entry right there.
so check “top five” out.
i think you just might like it!

low-key: i wonder how i can go about getting a press pass?
can a blogger even get a press pass?
either way i want to do more reviews and outings for the foxhole.
i feel more “career bound” when i do stuff like this.

find showtimes for “top five” in your area: here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

2 thoughts on “Can I Be In Your “Top Five”?”

  1. I’ve been on the fence on rather or not to see this movie, ( I’m not the biggest Chris rock fan) but thanks to this review and word of mouth from others I think I’ll give it a chance on my off day next week.

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