The Biege Break Up Ballad of Karrueche and Chris Brown

beigeballadso chris brown and karreuche have been breakng up…
for the last few days.
there has been a couple twitter outbursts.
he did ( x this ) at the cali christmas concert the other night.
she writes something and he follows up.
its been very…
well tonight she wrote a nice piece on instagram that iyanla would love…

Screen Shot 2014-12-06 at 10.21.42 PM KARR1 KARR2let it out beloved.
let it out.
well chris wasn’t about to let that happen without his two cents.
he goes:

Screen Shot 2014-12-06 at 10.31.42 PM CHRIS1.








i needed help getting back up as well.
i dunno tho…
something about this seemmmmmmmmssss very
um how do i say:

giphylike what a coincidence that this all happens right before his latest tour.
…and she was going and seeing drake?
the same drake that was seeing his ex girlfriend?
why are there no pictures of this?
and why,
if she was going on dates with drake,
would he even agree to do songs and the espys skit?
and how contradictory does she look with tamar and adrienne?
this all sounds like the makings of biege bullshit to me,
like something about it seems “planned in a business meeting”,
but its entertaining nonetheless.
can someone drop the sex tape to make it more real?

lowkey: on lighter news,
he’ll probably get more pussy than he has been already getting on this tour.
i’m seriously here for the messiness of chris and trey.

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Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “The Biege Break Up Ballad of Karrueche and Chris Brown”

  1. If they both want to continue in an unhealthy relationship such as the one they have…more power to them. They want to air their dirty laundry, foolishly I might add, for the world to see…more power to them. God forbid he puts a beat-down on her and ends up back in jail…they will have no one to blame but themselves.
    When a person is toxic, you need to separate yourself from them. No matter how good the sex is, no matter how many good times you had…if the bad times outnumber the good, and that person treats you like shit, it’s time to move on.
    These two need to realize that. Again I ask, where are his REAL friends?!!

    1. He has no REAL friends and that’s the main problem. Everyone around him is telling him what he wants to hear so they can stay on his payroll. It’s a toxic situation.

  2. Now this is some draw dropping shit, Damn Drake must be the man, didnt he hit Rihanna as well, Chris these light skin dudes aint loyal Bro, cant trust them around ya Girl. Breezy aint ready for no damn steady relationship at his age anyway, he is still immature AF and know he has cheated every step of the way why he was with Kaloochie have a damn seat Chris. I hope this is the end so we can go a news cycle without having to hear this damn drama.

  3. Chris Brown is a bitch made man…i love his music and him as an rtist but in 2014 grown ass men gossip and talk about their relationships more than women do and think it’s cool…there’s no more discretion, no more couth..they are so catty but yet want the respect of men…you have to EARN and honestly i feel where Karruche is coming from after a certain period of time you grow tired of games and foolishness…and he’s trying to downplay her loyalty when this chick has been riding for him more than any of his enablers oops i meant friends has….CB has become a magnet for drama and nonsense…it’s like put your big boy draws on and grow up…*meanwhile* Riri doing her with no fucks to give about him or this situation…and if this true i guess the rumors about Drake being good in bed were true..they said a long time ago that Drake was endowed….and with his sensitive ass i bet Drake is a passionate lover lol…not her for CB or Trey Songz personality wise anymore…

  4. Come on now, do we really believe she was able to sneak off to Toronto and go on dates with Drake and NO ONE sees or hears anything about it until he reveals it? All the while Drake is still chilling with Rihanna and he’s taking pics in the studio with Drake right after he leaves prison?

    I’m not surprised by the threesome. Most men in general like Asian women because they’re stereotyped as being submissive and it seems Karreuche certainly was that stereotype.

    As far as her coming up off him…not so much. I mean its not like she’s the best dressed, fashionista posting pics of all the shoes and bags Chris bought her, nor is she doing anything else but the occassional photo shoot and club appearance.

    He acts like she got her own reality show like Kim, when really he’s only brought her public humiliation, mostly at the hands of his and Rihanna’s fans.

    If everyone wasn’t trying to ride Chris Brown’s dick (for whatever reason) they would see that.

  5. Chris Brown has some type of psychological issues either Bi-Polar or Oppositional Defiant Disorder. It controls his behavior which he has good tendencies, but the bad seems to always appear. Chris need a medication to help control the anger that keep popping up. I like someone stated In like his music and as an artist. Behavior paints such a negative picture!!

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