Can I Be In Your “Top Five”?

o-TOP-FIVE-POSTER-570i love when my readers bless me with fun stuff.
it makes the foxhole a lot more exciting.
one of my favs got me an advanced screening to chris rock’s “top five” on thursday night.
the theater were it was happening was across town at lincoln center.
good thing i left my job when i did.
the line to get inside was complete madness.
the audience was of course mainly black.
the wolves who showed also looked mainly fine.
it was a very college/professional/fashionable black crowd.
my absolute favorite.
many of the wolves came with vixens.
ask me if that stopped me from looking?
and drooling.
the tall model wolf with this stupid body sat behind me alone tho…
IMHORNYi wanted to get into a review thursday night,
but i had a lot on my mind with all that has been going on.
well better late than never!
lets get into it…
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