go “easy on me” is what adele must be thinking as we indulge in her latest

when “hello” from adele came out back in 2015,
i was dealing with a lot to feel sad about.
i was in “crush” with a work wolf that would end a year later.
it was legit “hello from the other side” when we stopped speaking.
that song would become a blanket of comfort i would listen to over and over.
i like songs that come out and speak about your exact situation.
you bee like:

have you been stalking me?!?!?”

 my favorite part of that song was the background vocals during the bridge.
they described my emotions at that moment.


it is literally one of my favorite songs from adele.
it would be on the soundtrack of my life.
i waited patiently because spotify told me the song was gonna be released at 7pm.
i was listening to wizkid and his album ended right at 705pm.
you know a fox gotta come fashionably late.

my thoughts

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when i was a young warthog (WHEN I WAS A YOUNG WART. HOG)

i love that scene with timon and pumba.
one of my favorite parts in “the lion king”.

i won’t lie to you,
but i had of ton of judgment and expectations reserved for this movie.
this is my childhood here.
a movie i’ve watched over and over.
i was getting mixed reviews about it so i knew i had to see it for myself.
the pretty vixen and i decided to go see it yesterday.
my thoughts…

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so i watched season 2 of “she’s gotta have it” and well…

spike lee makes me want to live in brooklyn.
i want a brownstone down there.
the way how he shoots bk makes it look so beautiful,
even though gentrification is at an all-time “heavy”.
it’s sad how white folks went and destroyed most of the culture.
so i watched season 2 of “she’s gotta have it“…

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i could have stayed in for “halloween” (watched it and…)

i love spontaneous situations.
when someone tells me to put my clothes on because we going somewhere.
this is by car or paying for my uber.
don’t call me to tell me get on the sketchy mta late night.
well that was my straight home wolf i haven’t seen in months!
we spoke the other day and i told him how blah i’ve been.
he bought two tickets to see the new “halloween” for a late night showing.
i wanted to see it since the trailer

so let’s get into the movie

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REVIEW: my review using “mario badescu”

so as you know,
i was gifted the “oily skin” pr package from the kind folks at “mario badescu”.
( x see entry here )
i’ve been using the products for a close to two weeks now.
it’s time for my exclusive foxhole review

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The Foxhole Is Officially Relocating to Wakanda

i cried when the damn theater turned black.
tears were legit rolling down my cheeks.
it took me a while,
but i was finally able to take a trip to wakanda.
“black panther” was my friday night.
i was an emotional mess within this movie.
we are too far ahead in my movie review.
let’s scale it back some…

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