so i watched season 2 of “she’s gotta have it” and well…

spike lee makes me want to live in brooklyn.
i want a brownstone down there.
the way how he shoots bk makes it look so beautiful,
even though gentrification is at an all-time “heavy”.
it’s sad how white folks went and destroyed most of the culture.
so i watched season 2 of “she’s gotta have it“…

nola darling,
who is played by dewanda wise,
sort of annoys me at times.
she is a different kind of protagonist.
unlike issa on “insecure“,
she takes her “struggling artist” stint to the next level.
she comes off too “woke” for her own good too.
a female “hotep” if you will.
i didn’t mind her sexin’ those 3 wolves in the first season,
as much as some of her life choices made me roll my eyes.

this season,
it was all about growth for her.
this time,
it concentrated more of her artistic and personal relationships.
she’s still a hot mess,
but she is trying to work on her “hot mess-ness” as we all are.
i felt like all the characters besides her were a hot mess.
a majority of them ended up finding their way at the end.

all i all,
even though some shit was thrown together,
i really enjoyed the season.
you can tell spike is mad about how bk has become.
this show allows him to vent his frustrations.
i feel you spike!
harlem is just as worst!
there is a sex scene in the first episode that had me like:

spike lee usually has the best sex scenes in his art.
that wesley snipes sex scene in “mo better blues” still turns me on.
next to jaime overstreet (lyriq bent),
who looked like a damn snack this season,
(he has the best bawdy and knows how to stroke:

…there were two other fine ass wolves in the show:

one was naked; the other was eye candy.

i font it’s a good watch tho.
it made me feel inspired and want to live like a “season 2”.
you know i love a “season 2“.
the poppin’ skin and loving the forest i’m in.
i can already see the direction that “season 3” could take.

Selling out and being censored for artistic expression

the things black creatives face when they “make it“.
i got chills at the thought of it.

and that soundtrack for this season…

the album covers after >>>
i’m wit it.

lowkey: the puerto rico episode was a snoozer for me.
i did love the special guest tho.

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toby sandeman | michael luwoye

5 thoughts on “so i watched season 2 of “she’s gotta have it” and well…

  1. I just want to know if MARS has a sex scene this season and how many sex scenes are their all together. The sex scenes were the best thing about that show, next to MARS funny ass and Nola’s beauty.

    1. ^he doesn’t have a full sex scene,
      but you do see him in his drawz.

      opal and nola

      nola and the african wolf

      i think thats it

  2. You didn’t love the PR episode?! I loved it! I definitely feel like this season was better than last, but it is obvious that Spike doesn’t know when to end a storyline.

    1. Dean… serves zero purpose. The whole “white boy who appropriates with grillz and a blaccent” troupe is played the fuck out. Every time he was on the screen I was fully ready to turn it off.

    2. Ass shots… I felt like it gave the show a “Lee-Daniels” effect, which is not a compliment. It was too campy and outlandish, I couldn’t help but finding humor in a serious topic.

    3. Fat Joe’s acting. That’s it. That’s the sentence.

    Other than those fuccups, I enjoyed this season. It was all about self realization and individualism. Nova put her art before the dicks (and puss).

    // sidenote: Jamie got so much sexier. I’ve been lusting over Greere but Jamie could GET IT ALL!

    1. ^i will add my “eh” to that episode because i was tired.
      i have have “missed it”,
      but you’re absolutely right.
      i was so tired of the ass shots situation.
      fat joe’s accent started to annoy me after a while.
      i was trying to figure out who the wigga wolf was,
      but then he was the antagonist from last season.

      spike needed to get rid of the old meat and focus on new folks.
      if they go in the direction of rising to the top next season,
      i hope they bring in a new cast of characters.

  3. There’s a lot going on in Brooklyn. It’s just too far for me. Despite the gentrification, there’s still tons going on for the culture. I don’t live in NY and for some reason always get alerts about events in Brooklyn. The internet just assumes everybody’s going to Brooklyn.
    Jamari, what are you doing for Memorial Day?

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