pride might not be for the lowkey types (or it might just be)

“I’m too old to be at Pride or any big Gay event anymore.
“The Stallions, the City Gworls, Barbies, Bey Hive, Bardi Gang, the And I Oops…alladem…”

one of the foxholers sent me that today,
live from dc.
i told them i don’t think you’re “too old”.
i did like the word,
he chose “seasoned“.
i like that word.
i have a question that i hope isn’t offensive…

Is it wrong I’m not interested in attending the main pride events?

i’ve always been a lowkey fox.
at the stage i’m at in my life,
i’d definitely be down for an “invite only” type of bag.
the type where it isn’t advertised.

“knock 3 times,
bark like a dog,
and say a password” type of situation

i’m all jokes with that part.
i can’t front and font that i even liked crowds like that.
looking back,
i never really enjoyed going to straight clubs.
it was torture seeing fine ass straight wolves,
but i hated the whole process of clubbing.
i’m more of a “intimate gathering” type of fox.
something at a house or even a lounge is perfect.
a game night situation is:

i’vemet the best wolves at those types of events.
that fits more of my lifestyle.

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11 thoughts on “pride might not be for the lowkey types (or it might just be)”

  1. Happy Black Pride Bro!
    It’s a lot going on here in the DC area with everybody coming from all around the world to celebrate.

    I’m 31 years old and I’ve gone to most of the pride events here since I was 27 man. Every year I enjoy myself and live in the moment. I don’t attend sex parties or any type of sex related events I just go to parties and clubs and festivals meet people and have fun.

    The thing about these events is that people put all this pressure on themselves and focus too much on the audience rather than the experience. I don’t have a lot of gay friends just two awesome people and we smoke, drink, eat, dance and laugh out asses off. That’s what pride us to us it’s to celebrate this “freedom” or whatever it is. Acknowledging the gay black men who have paved the way for us to be able to have this thing.

    Anyway man have fun and happy black pride bro!


  2. Well I went to My 1st NY pride and some vixen choked me cause I “bumped her” (clearly not from NY if you ain’t knocked some shoulders before) it was a mess cause of course I wasn’t backing down. I told myself never tf again. too many ppl too much chaos. The Halloween parade was way more serene and chill

      1. CHOKED ME! In broadaylighht! I thought it was friend playing around until I could no longer breathe and the police laughed and said they thought we were playing. I was horrified. Even though I stood up for myself I cried later cause I haven’t fought since highschool and I don’t like to

  3. I think the older one gets the less interesting these events become. Too crowded at the club, charging too much to get in. I’ll take a small gathering any day. There is plenty of eye candy.

  4. ive been to Pride twice. Oakland and San Francisco. Oakland was ghetto af, no shade to my city but San Francisco was POPPIN and i really had a good time. i was a little ho that day LOL.

  5. I have been to EVERY DC Black Gay Pride, including the first. It has been my experience that you find what you seek/expect. There are plenty of artistic, cultural, entertainment, self-improvement, political, literary, social and educational events. They are well-advertised, and for the most part well-attended. The crowds are not overwhelming, the vibe is friendly, the people open and pleasant. Volunteers work hard to make everyone, feel welcome and smooth over problems. People of all ages, persuasions, backgrounds, and predilections are present.

    There are opportunities all year round to plan, provide input, make suggestions, share your ideas, work towards the sort of events you find worthwhile.

    If you bring/expect/assume ego, attitude, shade, low expectations, etc…you will certainly find them. You can stay in a distant hotel, spend your weekend shopping/brunching and never encounter anyone else gay. There are exclusive events, private events, etc. If your only interest is others like yourself, they’re here. If the last thing you want to see is anyone like yourself, that is possible. If your goal is to floss, stunt, compete, ho around, kee kee, etc, attend packed clubs, lurk behind VIP ropes, high-profile parties and concerts — you will undoubtedly find that, as well.

    If your focus is the closeted and DL, the body bois. ballers and sex parties, all that is happening. Just like any other experience, you get out of it, what you put into it. Hopefully, we are all being honest with ourselves about our motives and our goals. So…Happy Pride…those who really desire that — fortunately it is NOT a mandatory experience, if you don’t wish to participate, most of us will never even notice. There are plenty of other things to engage your interests instead. Do YOU!

    1. ^i saw some really nice videos from this year’s pride.

      i’d be open to going to it next year.
      new york’s pride tends to be too “extra” for me.

  6. I was literally waiting for takeoff when I ran across this entry, but had to put my phone in Airplane Mode for take off. I just got back home a few minutes ago from a long weekend at DC Pride. This was my first Pride event and my opinion of the whole thing is mixed. I have attended other Pride events in the past including Miami Sizzle which I absolutely hated.

    My Pride experience was one of alot of Parties. Sadly, I missed all the various workshops due to staying out late. I am a mature man now and all this partying does not pack the same punch it did in my younger days. I can say however no other event I have been at, have I gotten as much attention as DC Pride. It was almost intoxicating. Dudes buying me drinks, giving me their numbers, and trying to hook up. I did realize that my Ho Days are behind me LoL because I was not down at all for no Quick Hook Ups. I spent all winter in the gym and have gotten some good results, these muscles were popping and the Boyz of DC Pride showed their appreciation LoL!

    I ended up going to more of the Ratchet parties due to never attending a Pride so I did not know their are different promoters for different events and you can get swindled not knowing the right promoter. That was about the only really bad note with my Pride Experience, paying way too much for an event pass that did not deliver the Hype it promised. I was able to experience a lot more DC Locals at some of my events and I will be quiet about that.

    It was empowering in a sense to be away from home and the pressure of everyday Gay life of paying bills and trying to survive to being able to see so many good looking high achieving Black Gay Men. I met attorneys, doctors, college professors and other dignified brothers and just hung out and laughed and had a good time. So many Kool Black dudes in one place is a rarity.

    DC is very expensive so pay your credit cards down before leaving home, and you have to pay to park nearly everywhere you go in the Downtown area. Food and Drinks will make your budget take a hit especially eating and drinking at the Hotel.

    I was able to see a Ball Live other than on Youtube and it was very interesting to see the passion so many people put in this and also it was at times very comical at least to me for some of the over the tops antics I witnessed. The volunteers at various organizations were both nice and very helpful.

    Now one thing, I was not ready for was at the Host Hotel, out of all the things to be also going on was a Black Church Convention, and many of the conventioneers stayed at the same Hotel, and if you all could have seen the look on their faces as hundreds of Black Gay Men were parading around in barely there outfits showing off their big muscles. This was priceless, the mix of Black Religion meets Black Sexuality. You couldn’t make this up. I am sure many Church Mother’s were pleading the Blood of Jesus for our Sin Sick Souls!

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