REVIEW: my review using “mario badescu”

so as you know,
i was gifted the “oily skin” pr package from the kind folks at “mario badescu”.
( x see entry here )
i’ve been using the products for a close to two weeks now.
it’s time for my exclusive foxhole review

when i went to my barber last week week,
he complimented me how good my skin looked.
i knew my skin was headed in the right direction.
my skin hasn’t been super acne prone,
like how it use to be when i was a teenager,
but i did have a few break outs here and there.
as of late,
my face has had a healthy matte glow while keeping new acne away.
i can thank “mario badescu” for that.
now i will admit that some of the products didn’t work for me.
i’ll do a break down of how i used each product and the end results:


used – night
(rub skin in circular motion for 1-2 minutes)

after about a night of use,
i notice this helped clear up the few break outs that i had.
i knew it would work because it had salicylic acid in it.
anything with salicylic acid tends to work wonders on my skin.
i would definitely purchase this in the future.


used – night
(use droplet and then pat on skin until absorbed
wait until dry to use moisturizing product)

i used it at night because it worked better while i slept.
you can use it in the day,
but you have to pair a sun screen with it.
vitamin c can make you face very sensitive to sunlight.
it was in the brightening kit so i already had experience with it.
from when i used it before,
it brightened my skin and faded any hyper-pigmentation i had.
it doesn’t get rid of acne,
but it will help in the overall appearance of your skin.
once your skin starts to clear up,
this is major key.
it works really well with the “seaweed cleanser” too.
definite re-purchase.


used – 2 times a week/night
(wash face first before use
keep on face for 15-20 minutes)

this was supposed to help control shine and take away oil,
but i didn’t really notice a difference the times i used it.
it broke me out a little afterwards which made me stop.
i don’t think i’d use it again.
ย the whitening mask from the kit ( x worked much ) better for me.
my skin takes better to ( x l’oreal clay face masks ).

out of the two:



used: morning
(apply on dry clean face)

the “control moisturizer” didn’t really do anything for my skin.
in the afternoon after using it,
i was very oily and the shine was in hd.
the “oil free moisturizer with spf 30” worked better for me.
by afternoon,
my skin was matte instead of greasy looking.
it worked just as good as my holy grail facial staple,
“aveeno ‘clear complexion’ daily moisturizer”.

out of the two:



used: night/spot treatment
drying lotion
(don’t shake bottle/dip q-tip in bottle and place on pimple after clean skin and moisturizer)
(shake bottle and place on clean finger tip
rub onto skin after clean skin and moisturizer)

if you have any pimples/feel any pimples coming under your skin,
these two products might help as a spot treatment.

“drying lotion” – place it on the pimple overnight
“buffering lotion” – place on pimples you can feel underneath overnight

the “buffering lotion” worked better than the “drying lotion”.
i used the “drying lotion”,
as a spot treatment,
for three nights on two pimples i had.
there wasn’t really a difference when i woke up.
when i used the “buffering lotion” on the same pimples,
they were gone in two days of use.
in the products defense,
i don’t really have a lot of luck with spot treatments anymore.
i OD’d on most of them in my facial journey.
my face has gotten immune to a majority of them,
so i was shocked the “buffering lotion” did work for me.


for my oily skin,
i’ve learned to to keep it simple.
using a ton of products has always clogged my pores.
oily skin can be a blessing and a curse.
it keeps you looking young,
but it can make you look like greasy af if it isn’t controlled.
so to wrap up,
my “foxhole go-to routine” from “mario badescu” is:


acne cleanser
oil free moisturizer with spf 30


acne cleanser
vitamin c serum
seaweed night cream


glycolic foaming cleanser (3 times a week/night)

my experience with “mario badescu” may/may not be your experience.
while some of the products didn’t do what i hoped they would,
i will say that i’m quite satisfied with the ones that did work.
thank you to “mario badescu” for the opportunity!

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8 thoughts on “REVIEW: my review using “mario badescu”

  1. Great review. Like you, I have oily skin and it can be such an issue trying to find a remedy for it, without causing more problems. I think I may check it out.

  2. I can’t remember exactly what I used. I did look young for my age. So I had to test out a few things like Indian Clay and Organic Activated Charcoal which worked fine. When I first started using it, my skin looked brighter and then I got lazy and was like..fawk it. People Gon have to take me as I am today..๐Ÿ˜ฏ

    I’m super scary about putting stuff on my face cause I don’t want to be that guinea pig guy but I’m getting a little better with things. I may give this a try in the future.

    I feel like it’s a never ending battle with the bacteria that be causing acne. You gotta wash your sheets and change your den pillows often.

    Curse you bacteria!!! ๐Ÿ˜ค

    1. ^i remember reading a story of a woman who didnโ€™t change her pillowcases for like a couple years and had some bugs growing in her eye lashes.
      i almost fainted

  3. Interesting! I just started my new skincare regimen but I will keep this in mind in case it donโ€™t work lol. Right now based off the last entry you made, I got the witch hazel with rose water toner and this cute gay guy who I follow told me about cetaphil which I use the face cleanser. You and I both use our good sis Aveeno and they always give me a summery glow lol. My skin is oily but not too much. Usually if I drink plenty of water* and stay away from hazard food, my skin stays clear. I am gonna look into the glycolic acid and see what that can do to help even my face out. Also the seaweed cream piqued my interest as well.

    Yass look at you promoting products, hopefully getting a coin in the process. Lol!

    *Oh I swear by drinking water with cucumber and lemon (add mint if you like), itโ€™s a good detox spa water that has amazing benefits inside and out.

    1. ^ ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿพ

      the coins arenโ€™t here yet,
      but working towards it!
      try that glycolic acid since it takes a layer of dead skin off and then use that seaweed!!!
      you your skin will look like celebrity skin!

      it takes a lot to keep up with a good skin care regiment,
      but it so worth it.

  4. Hey J, I wrote a late review under the original post, but I went ahead and tried this out too since the Foxhole review and let me tell you, I love it, my skin is also oily but now it has Glow, I may be fooling myself, but I think I look younger since I have been using this and my face has smoothed out. I still have some breakouts but they size of the acne bumps have shrunk considerably. I bought the $30 starter kit from Amazon and will def be back for more. I love love love the Acne Cleanser, it is the best. I just have to get into the habit of doing a skin care routine and this kit has help as I have saw results. I would recommend those with problem skin to give it a try, its pretty reasonable compared to some kits and I can say without being paid that it really works fast.

    On my original post, I asked if you could do a post on scent layering, which seems to be popular now of combining two scents together to make a unique scent, of course you have to do it with care to pull it off. I wonder if any Foxholers do this and can recommend some good combinations.

    Go J it is only a matter of time before these brands are going to be begging you to sponsor their items. I had never heard of Mario until you posted this, so I am sure you have opened a whole new customer base for them.

    1. ^i just responded to the one you left under the original entry!
      iโ€™m so glad you had good results with the one you tried.
      it works really well and fast!
      i can attest to your skin looking different once it starts working.
      smooth and youthful.
      iโ€™m sold.

      the foxhole is a very loyal and has a tremendous amount of support.
      it would only be right brands co-sign with us.
      like you fonted,
      no one heard of mario until i wrote and just brought a whole new audience to their brand.
      iโ€™m grateful for everything and want more!!!

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