he was mean af until i let him rub on my whole booty

folks really be having nasty attitudes when they’re in the closet.
it’s true.
i’m not fonting about those who are discreet and comfortable in their own fur.
i’m actually fonting about the ones who are dl and heavily closeted.
those be the ones that are straight battle axes out here.
it reminds me of the vixens who have a nasty attitudes at work.
as soon as she starts getting regular dick downs,
suddenly she’s buying breakfast and skipping through the halls.
that’s usually how the “mean closeted one” comes off.
they always give themselves away with the attitude too.
so i was fonting to one of my foxholers about randy b yesterday…

he was shocked that he put the entry up in his ig stories.
i was shocked myself.
i was told how before,
when i wrote about randy,
he deleted all the foxhole entries.
from my own standpoint,
i remember how rude and standoffish he came off.
that was the alleged talk of foxholers who met him.
it surprised tf outta me with the shout out and responded so nicely.
now he is out and in a relationship,
he seems like he is settling into the life nicely.

 i was the same way.
being attracted to the same sex,
but feeling uncomfortable with what i assumed being “gay” was.
i can thank my parents and bullies for for that.
whenever i saw overly feminine males,
and remembering what my parents would say about gays,
it was all very scary to me to accept myself.
once i became a lot more comfortable,
things got easier for me to navigate in the forest.
don’t get me wrong,
i’ll admit that some bolder gays make me a little uncomfortable,
because they tend have no filter,
but they don’t intimidate me as they once did.
i can admit it’s all in my head anyway.

as someone is trying to figure themselves out,
they will come with a guard up.
some of the attentionistos are like that.
they’ll be homophobic as hell,
get upset to be on the foxhole,
but will be “gay for pay” out in these forests.

i’m sleep tho.

the life can be intimidating.
it’s a lot to process the insecurities that come with it.
it doesn’t make it right since they can be some straight assholes.
although their actions can catch me off guard,
and they can low key annoy tf outta me,

 i try to remember when i was there.
i might be too optimistic of others tho.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “he was mean af until i let him rub on my whole booty”

  1. Lol I have this exact problem. I met this dominican guy on set he was cool the first time we met. I even flirted ( low key) with him. He was a lil guarded at first but as talked he begin to be friendly. He even flirted back. Lol I knew then he messed around lol. Couple of months went by I met him on the SET of another show on fox. He spoke to me right away so as I set down I made small talk. He have me these dry answers like he didn’t want to be bothered. Then got smart when I asked him something. I wondered if I did anything wrong? Lol I just left him alone. Later that day me and a couple of ppl were inside talking I met ppl from everywhere and I met someone from my home state. They were asking me about myself. He was in the back with some person. The whole time I talked they low keyed staired at me. Trying to play it off. So couple hours went by they needed back on set. The first person I saw was him. He turned around seen me and did a double glance. He staired the whole time I played it off like I didn’t see. They rotate our position and now was on the floor they staired more. I thought maybe I was seeing stuff. I began looking around and just about every action I made he reacted to it. Looking in same directio really don’t understand this lol do they wanna fight??? THEY want me to beat it up. On the outside I seen him last time and he look over at me and turned his head quick when they thought I was looking. I found him on Instagram when they seem it was me they removed from the group of followers lol. Am I missing something I did nothing to them Lol do they want to fight or fuck???

    1. ^it sounds like he ain’t ready lol
      that sounds like a tier 3 attitude he has.
      he needs to get more experience and drop down to tier 1 lol

      did you send him a friend request?
      i usually ignore their tails until they get it together.
      a majority of the time,
      it’s never,
      but i won’t let them see i’m thirsty.

    2. Lol Jamari kam just summarized my story perfectly. He s very cool with multiple gays but everytime I come around he get tensed and upset. Word on set he tries to talk to all the other girls on set but they just want to be his friend. Idk if they gay or not I just know when I smiled at him the first time all sexually and flirtingly he did the same then I played it off because both of us were around other ppl in line. Like how treat me like trash and all up in the face of other gay ppl. Dominican s lol I sent them a request on fb they denied and on ig they removed me from the list lol. I’m like whatever with it. The funny thing about it they use ppl around them just to get my attention. I’m like if wanna talk just come on already. I remember asking some if they spoke anther language they were mixed with what Im mixed with. All of a sudden they break out start speaking spanish when I said that lol. I kinda fell like he mess around but Im not sure Im not chasing them. It’s just that GOD always seem to bring us back together somehow. Like they always made available to me like the empty shuttle seat that was waiting for someone to sit on next to them. I git so excited. Like I believe in signs but dude been acting out. His name randomly pops up everywhere I am. I ask about him with the casting directors and ppl I know on set they all say he smooth with the ladies but wierd or annoying lol. I REFUSE TO CHASE ANYONE. BUT THE SAD REALITY THEY REALLY THE ONLY I THINK ABOUT. HE ACTUALLY LOOKS A BIT LIKE DRAKE AND A STEPHEN CURRY BABY FACE LOL if that make sense. I wonder if I did something bold what they do. 😂😂😂 SN the attitudes have to stop I kinda like them but Im not going for the random outlashed good way to get punched by me. I’ve mofos for less lol. WHAT DO THEY DO IF SOMEONE WANTS TO FUCK OR FIGHT AT THE SAME. EVEN NOW AS I RIGHT THIS I’M SEEING THEIR NAME POP UP LOL CRAZY THE GAY PERSON THEY FRIENDS WITH THEIRE FRIENDS DON’T LIKE HIM SAYS HE’S ANNOYING. WNAT ME TO SEND A PICTURE OF HIM? WHERE AND TELL ME WHAT THINK OF THEM JUST DON’T POST ON HERE LOL. I REALLY LIKE THIS PAGE IT HELPS US WHO ARE NOT QUITE IN THE LIFE KNOW WHAT GIING ON. GODSEND OMARI I APRECIATE ALL THE ADVICE THANK ABBA FOR YA!

      1. Haha, you were really excited. Typed Jamari as Omari.

        I think you should Ieave then alone. Don’t sh-t where you eat.

        Your job isn’t worth it.

        Ignore them.

  2. this reminds me of this guy at my job. real cool with this other openly older gay guy that used to work with us, yet weird and standoffish with me. funny thing is the other guy would say all type of flirtatious and sexual shit to him but if i just casually speak, i would get a dry respone. im not gonna lie, it did fuck with me a bit. every now and then he’ll call me boo in passing or little stupid shit. idk he gets down or just likes the attention or both! even if he did get down, i couldnt fuck on him. the foo is crazy/messy and im not gonna disrespect myself and be #7 of the people he fucked at the job.

      1. yeah he’s fucked 6 vixens at job. maybe more. they all say his dick is small sooooo idk. the vixens aint really all that in the looks department so im not all surprised.

  3. Be careful. Some people are narcissistic and are only in it for the game of attention. Personally, if I’m flirty with a guy I’m direct..I don’t have the time and patience for signals. I got things to do and to keep it moving.

    Folks love playing mind games too display their power..Don’t give it to them…lol

    I need a man to show me he likes me…I ain’t got no time for an attitude. It only takes one time for me and the door closed…transaction cancelled, gas is on E.

    1. U reminded me why I’m a terrible flirt I just tell a guy straight up. I hate small talk so I find flirting to be tedious and stupid. Unpopular opinion

  4. See!!! This is why it’s so hard to date for me. I never know peoples intentions and I don’t have time for games. If a guy is d/l at least give me a chance cuz I can work with that for a lil while. If we have chemistry and we are into each other then eventually you will come to terms with it and be free. I’m not the messy gay who will have your business out in the streets. If you just want attention then bypass me cuz I’m not a puppy. If you are just uneasy then at least give me something to work with. These men I tell you!!!

    But I can’t even front like I don’t play my own lil games. I’ll give eyes but I don’t smile and if you seem too interested without talking then I’ll act nonchalant like you don’t exist. If you do try to talk to me then I’m never sure of what to do unless you are just VERY upfront about it. Now if I just wanna fuck then that’s another story lmao cuz I know how to handle that. I’m working on me cuz I got a lot of love to give someone one day lol.

    1. A lot of guys like to play games. Now, I have fun with it. They wanna play head games, I can play a head game with the best of them. Give them attention, then stop. They come looking for you.
      Do it again, then stop. Then they asking questions like you dating. Start warming up to friends, watch the jealousy emerge. Oh I’m sorry…I thought u weren’t into dudes.
      You got ’em!

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