young ma ain’t look too good right now

when we are young,
some of us live a very fast life.
we drink,
and party with no apologies.

All of that can catch up with us as we get older.

young ma is no stranger to living a fast life.
she likes to have a good time but it seems it’s catching up

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males who take care of themselves are gay and are like women?

i agree tho.
i was cool with a straight male who said he doesn’t use lotion.
he took a shower at my crib and asked him if he wanted to cream his skin.

“Thats gay.
Only girls use lotion.”

i felt like it was a light shot toward me.
when he looked in my bathroom,
i had all kinds of face and body products in there.
i dunno what gays he knows but a majority of us ain’t ashy.
as matter of fact,
gays use lotion and all the products to keep us looking tight ‘n’ right.
this is one of the many reasons vixens secretly fall for gay males.
they see us and our glistening skin,
and add our bawdies from the gym,
and wish their straight buffalos would pull it together.
i have noticed something tho…

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the crab legs took the veneer right out of sukihana mouth

my teeth aren’t straight.
i was in a horrible accident with my mouth as a kid.
it has been one of my biggest insecurities next to the list of other ones.
this is why i don’t usually smile in my pictures tbh.
even with all my insecurities tho,
i still managed to bag some of the sexiest wolves.
there was a time when i was interested in getting veneers.
when i saw the process of how they put veneers on,
it was an automatic dub for me.

love and hiphop alum,
just lost one of her veneers eating crab legs…

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the ugly monster that is me with body dysmorphic disorder

while i was at the wedding on sunday,
i was having a shit ton of fun.
it was starting to get cold af and one of the bride’s brother let me borrow his jacket.
once i put it on:



thats when i started getting nervous.
he asked me to smile for the pictures,
but i hate my smile.
i think it makes me look weird since my lips are really big.
he took some pictures and everyone was “oooh” and “aww” at them.

“This should be your Grindr default picture.
Someone would match with you right now.”

when i looked at one of the pictures from this impromptu photoshoot.
i didn’t see any of that.
i zoomed right in on all my flaws and everything i see that is wrong with me.

a day later,
he sent me all the pictures via whatsapp.
i was on the phone with hunter and as i looked at all the pictures…

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how you got involved with male makeup and “damage control”

when i went to a modeling school,
which was a waste of time but taught me a lot,
they gave me a “model” kit.
in the kit was this book:


– cheap foundation
– cheap mascara
– cheap concealer

I’m sure it was made in a back alley,
but it was a starter kit for being “a model”.

damage control” shouldn’t be a process tbh.
it can be as little or as much as you need.
i’ve been in situations where i worked all day and had to go out that same night.
i have oily skin and when i’m tired,
i can look it.
before you go through any of this,
there are a few things you need to know.
this entry is for those who were confused like me.
i’m here to bless you as my past friend did…

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how i got involved with male makeup and “damage control”

Let’s have a conversation.
This will be a two-part entry…

 my skin was absolute trash.
my teenage acne still had no chill when i turned 20.
because i had so many pimples,
they left a ton of acne scarring on my face.
people would legit comment on how bad my skin use to be.
one weekend in the early 00s,
i went on a weekend getaway trip to see good friends who lived in the dmv.
there was this wolf i was kinda talking-ish to that i wanted to meet up with.
he had a girlfriend
or a boyfriend
i can’t remember tbh,
but he wanted to get a drink on saturday night.
for what i can remember,
that weekend was a good one as far as pimples,
but the acne scars were outta control.
my good friend at the time was a very “face forward” type of fox.
he was all about your visuals and presentation.

“We need to do some damage control on you.”

i’ll never forget how i chuckled at those words.
damage control“.
so he took me to a walmart and…

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