young ma ain’t look too good right now

when we are young,
some of us live a very fast life.
we drink,
and party with no apologies.

All of that can catch up with us as we get older.

young ma is no stranger to living a fast life.
she likes to have a good time but it seems it’s catching up

her skin and eyes tho…

the eyes ALWAYS tell you what you need to know.
she addressed the concern on her ig:


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“various health concerns” tho.
she has been allegedly spotted in a wheelchair too:

doesn’t she like drinking a lot of lean?
lean + brown likka = no good for your body.
it still baffles me how people don’t drink water or eat veggies.

it’s time for her to take a moment and get it together.

Drop them hood civilians she calls “friends” too.

she might need to start getting on a health + wellness journey.
it all starts with the inside but she gotta clean the outside too.
we can’t expect to heal in places we got sick in.
that goes mind,
and soul.
i wish her well and hope for a quick recovery.

lowkey: are ya’ll drinking ya’ll water?

3 thoughts on “young ma ain’t look too good right now

  1. I am hydrating between cocktails😊. I believe she wants to silence the voices that tell her”She’s not good enough, that nobody really wants or desires her”.

    1. ^OOOOOOH i wanted to right that but i didn’t.
      i feel she is going through “one hit wonder” because she didn’t really pop after that one song

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