david geffen and his billionaire peen is off the market


Do you know how many black (gay and straight) were following David Geffen on IG?

i went to his ig and saw many of our favs following him.
you know my eyebrow went up.
they were trying to get that billionaire peen.
i would be too shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii…
according to the forests,
david ended up choosing one and they got married over the weekend…

The 80 year old billionaire wed his 30 year old boyfriend Donovan Michaels in Beverly Hills, they say. Two couples attended the small ceremony which was held in the shroud of secrecy.

Congrats to all.

they just didn’t have what it took to get chose.

better luck next billionaire.

lowkey: i gotta give it to some of these attentionistos.
all the suckin’ and fuckin’,
some playing “gay for pay”,
only to get dropped for someone else in the running.

I wonder what made Donovan different than the rest?

i have a feeling he wasn’t thirsty and knew his worth.

source: showbiz411

12 thoughts on “david geffen and his billionaire peen is off the market

  1. I doubt that pic of the billionaire is recent but he did look good in the first pic and I might consider. That 2nd pic you can see the age despite how tight the face is.

    Now onto Mr. Jackpot, now that’s a snack if I ever saw one. Let me go review his porn and he see what I can try to snag once he inherits the riches and is a single man again lol.

    1. That man is not leaving his money to this young man. He is getting access to some coins right now, but he will not get much in the will, if Geffen has any wits left. Not mad at the young dude for catching the coins he can catch.

  2. Some of these porn dudes be getting all the connections. If I remember correctly Marc Jacobs and Calvin Klein also had porn dudes by their side for a hot minute. Whew, not me thinking about hitting the gym and losing my inhibitions for a few coins lol

  3. Yall talking about the pornstar what about “Mr Geffen”???? He is in incredible shape for a older white man!!! Plus he is rich! Please I sure he can have this pick!!! I mean most white men age like milk, but this one πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘.

    1. No lies detected. But he also needs his ass beat for being 80 and being OPEN to marrying a damn 30 yr old!

  4. He is fabulous to look at, but surprisingly in a regular way. Some guys are created like this, but behave and carry themselves with humility, that’s probably part of the reason. I haven’t read his background.
    Many of these extraordinary looking men have shit for brains and are not very intelligent or interesting outside of the bedroom. They have stink stink personalities. Donovan probably isn’t dazzled by the bells bd whistles that come with wealth.

      1. MIKA
        Yes he did. However, he could be a simple, uncomplicated, wonderfully ordinary guy behind closed doors.
        Smart people, who are extraordinary, don’t buy into the hype which others project onto them.

      2. Aka Brandon foster all his scenes are on boyfriendtv.com. so follows Geffen pattern of dating guys in porn. Normally arrangements but this one he married. Can you say nd a?

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