porn star, knockout, is officially off the market

Marquee D.Angelo aka Knockout

speaking of past alleged victims of malik joseph,
it seems like love is in the air for the black gays.
tis be the season?
porn hybrid,
seemed to have found the one.
so much so…

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baller and married, tim anderson, allegedly got a ruthless hoe pregnant

i don’t know why males get married in their 20s.
i don’t know why baller wolves even lie to themselves getting married.
if you are cute and come into a lot of money,
the hoes will be out like vultures trying to get penis and a paycheck.
they want to get pregnant so they don’t have to work again.
tim anderson,
who plays for the chicago white sox


…is married to bria anderson since 2017 and has two kids with her.
it didn’t stop his sperm from infiltrating ari fletcher’s friend cause…

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back in the late 00s ish,
i saw bryan terrell clark’s pictures on myspace and fell in deep like.
he was an up-and-coming actor that i thought was so fine.
like many other actors,
and influencers

What I didn’t know was that he was part of the life.

in the early 20s,
bryan terrell clark married devario simmons on the first day of 222…


to my special one.

in 2002-03ish,
after wandering in the city all day,
a friend “who i don’t know anymore” suggested we go to toys r us that was in time square.
she wanted to meet up with a girl who worked there that she met online.
i didn’t want the day to end so i was down.
when i first saw the girl we were meeting,
i said to myself:

she looks really stressed out and over it.
SEE this is why I don’t do retail.”


“I really dig this girl’s energy,
but we will probably never see each other again.”

The Universe made sure that wouldn’t happen.
a year or two later,
we reconnected on the blogging platform,
she hopped in my comments and i did the same in hers.
we would write entries about our frustrations and loneliness.
the folks who broke our hearts; the ones who got away.
the main theme for us was trying to find that perfect love.
toys r us and that friend “who i don’t know anymore” both brought us stress,
and ironically don’t exist any longer either,
but they were the starting point in planting the seed for this friendship to grow.
when i look back at the first time we met until now,
i ask myself:

Who knew from that moment we met that our “us” would become this?

i get to write another story on my own platform about us.
last sunday in brooklyn,
she got married to your soulmate…

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how to respond when someone thinks you’re gay af for not being married or having kids

insecurity makes us create stories as explanations.
when we are insecure about something,
we try to throw others off the scent with an elaborate tale.
it never worked because it always comes back to bite you in both cheeks.
your old tales have a way of catching up with your new ones.
when i was insecure about certain things,
i’d explain myself in a way that i thought would make me look good.
in actuality,
it brought more guilt down on my head.
the entry i wrote yesterday about being married/having kids led a foxholer to ask me this:

“Jamari, it would be great to create a post on how to respond to these unwelcomed dating inquiries and hear how others would respond.”

and i have just the response for everyone that works for me…

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if you aren’t married and have kids by the time you’re 35, you’re gay af

there comes a point in every male’s life where the questions start rising.

“Why aren’t you married?”

“Why don’t you have kids?”

Why are you single?”

if you’re insecure or not comfortable within your own skin,
this pretty much defines the choices of your life.
if you are someone who is straight,
it adds this pressure to go out and find someone quickly.
so you’ll hook up with some vixen you don’t even like to shut people up.
regardless if you’re treating her like shit,
or cheating on her like it’s going outta style,
it just “looks” good for everyone else.
if you’re gay but curious/dl,
that can really make the paranoia of being labeled “gay” scream at you.
so you know what happens

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