dante the body is about to be married and not to who you suspect

some of us are blessed with “something” that makes people talk.
others have to do the most to keep us talking.
dante johnson aka dante the body falls into one of those spaces.
people need to realize that bisexuals date/have sex vixens too.
we live in a world where people can like/love both.

that male you see dating vixens can also like the menz too.
That doesn’t mean he is DL.

that means that he is a bisexual!


dante is an alleged bisexual and is about to be off the market


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Was she the one in the threesome with him and Lamonte Stannis,
where he was suckin’ on that “Trump Lovin'” penis?

that is what he said!

dante has been (allegedly) talmbout suckin’ peen for a minute now.
i font allegedly for his case.
 you know some of these folks love to post and delete their hoeness.
i could be wrong but didn’t creolemacian expose dante  at one point?
didn’t they get into it at one point?
i mean,
straight males aren’t doing this for just vixens:


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either way,
he can want to suck peen and still be married to a vixen.
he’s might be an (alleged) bisexual!
he looks like he would be a real nasty freak in bed tbh:

good luck to the happy couple.

lowkey: some vixens don’t realize they date/marry bisexual menz.
some of them are heat-seeking missiles for the bisexuals.

8 thoughts on “dante the body is about to be married and not to who you suspect

  1. So, 3 things, First so now that he was mentioned does anyone know what happened to Lamonte Stannis, it just looks like he went ghost?

    That being said I want to like Dante Johnson aka Dante the body and in fact do like him, I think he presents like he has an outgoing personality. The problem is that he is throwing everything at the wall and nothing is sticking, one minute he has a lackluster Onlyfans ( has that gotten any better ?), then he’s doing dancing videos, then he’s doing fitness videos , then he’s teaching aerobics classes, then he’s posting videos of being high and freaky; its all just too much and without being disrespectful or degrading it just comes across as desperate.

    As far as the relationship, I really don’t see how bisexual relationships work long term, I’m talking about 10, 20, 30 years. People never seem to want to acknowledge that when you’re young and horny you can make anything work. What works and is acceptable in your 20’s changes overtime, you maybe cool with the freaky but I know that has to wear thin by the time you get in your 40’s and 50 forget about it.

  2. I understand being eye candy angle, no question about it. I just wonder sometimes if it “Is really necessary”?
    We live in the age of overexposure and any and all modesty is totally dispensed with. No secrets remain: PERIOD! Everything you get is basically already been seen. There is no suspense factor or wondering about what’s underneath the clothes. I am saddened by it. Every orifice and hole is on display and the sense of seeing someone without clothes when sexing for the first time, is pretty much diminished.

  3. Great for Him, everyone deserves love. I can respect a Man that’s open and honest about his sexuality..

  4. AWWW how sweet, a modern couple where they both FVCK on each other with ppl from the opposite sex. Now that’s MODERN….lolololol

  5. As long as there’s an understanding that he will want some dick occasionally, he WILL want to be with a man, they can knock themselves out and go for it.

  6. The girlfriend that is likely aware he’s bi, already has a baby by him so she’s stuck, and is likely the only one that is taking him seriously with no real job aside from his onlyfans which she has appeared in until he realized no one wanted to see her?

    Who else would he marry? lol

    Ppl that went to college with him been saying he was messing with men back then too.

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