coach kellz has a real life helga pataki

we don’t talk about males being stalked enough.
we make jokes about wolves getting hunted because of giving good sex.
for males,
it can be used for bragging rights.
in reality,
it can be scary af.
coach kellz (who is ^above) is handsome and his IG is a thirst trap.
i like looking at him as much as you do too.
 his stalker does as well.
so much so,
they followed him to the gas station and his school.

a foxholer sent me this for foxhole review

x videos found here

what in the absolute fawk?
this is the note:

that is some scurry shit.
he didn’t even fuck her either.
it’s some “you fine and now we married but you don’t know” type of shit.
why is he arguing with a crazy person for 30 minutes tho?
he is treating this crazy like she is harmless.
she is giving heavy helga pataki with a whole shrine in her living room.

so here is the thing
many of us are addicted to putting our lives on socials.
that is what social media is for.
it is also a free service that anyone can sign up for.
many of us gain massive followers because of looks or careers.
all it takes is:

“He lives by the MCDs,
next to the supermarket,
by the street sign,
close to the bridge,
right by the gas station in his last video.”

someone “knows” that gas station where we posted our last video.
someone knows that wall with the graffiti on it we were leaning on.
someone knows that pebble on the street where we posted our last selfie.
someone saw us at an event and followed us home too.
shit happens and some people are crazy out here.
next thing you know,
“kookie von kook” is hot on our ass.
this is something we all need to realize:

We are not celebrities and don’t have 24/hr security.

we are people who have strangers and imaginary friends following us.
it’s one thing to stalk on socials but know your boundaries.
it’s another to stalk on socials and be following someone around irl.
stay woke.

lowkey: why is this restraining order so flimsy?

11 thoughts on “coach kellz has a real life helga pataki

  1. She is not a bad looking sister. You can tell there is something mental going on as he was cursing her out and she was ignoring every word and focused on what she wanted to say with a smile. I hope he finds a way to protect himself legally because she is definitely looking to kidnap him and hold him in the basement

  2. I truly feel like these instafamous niggas enjoy shit like this. If he truly feels his safety is a risk, why is he running to social media instead of getting an order of protection? Something about this feels so clout chase-y.

    1. It’s actually not easy to get a restraining order at all. I have cop friends and you have to have just cause and PROVE that you have been stalked 3x before you can get the order. They can also still Violate the order and if they don’t cause harm to you nothing will be done. When it’s women vs. men it’s that much or difficult to prove that the woman is the threat.

    2. Right. I feel the same. And he aint all that to me. Look like a regular nigga off the street. I Don’t see the hype.

  3. She’s clearly mentally unwell, but this is why I tell people it’s okay not to post on social about everything everyday. People post where they live, eat regularly, workout, and work too casually. Then people show their vehicles too. Too easy for some obsessed person to do some research and seductive reasoning and stalk you.

    Then why is he giving out his personal number for business purposes? Ppl need to get back to having a public business page and private page for people they know.

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