he stalked him and outed me (a double whammy)

after that joel green story yesterday,
i never realized just how deep stalking actually went for some.
i’ve snooped around on a few social media profiles in my past.
i’ve gathered intel that ultimately turned me off from the wolf of my desires.
you’ll be amazed just how corny or obnoxious some of our fantasies actually are.
years ago,
i knew a jackal who actually low-key outed me at a party that was a super stalker.
i may have mentioned him on the foxhole before…

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joel green has a stalker that he wants to share with us

as much as some of us crave attention on social media,
we often don’t realize it comes with a price too.
it is always good and bad for everything.
social media can take a real-life dork and make them a superstar just off a few curated pics.
once the fame rolls in,
we can start to lose ourselves in trying to provide even more content to stay on top.
it can bring many fans and stans just off the strength,
but bring about crazy jackals and stalkers too.
social media can truly be a blessing and curse.
i have featured ig attentionisto,
joel green,
many times in the past.
┬áhe made an IG video today where he revealed that he’s being stalked and blackmailed

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the black president of a major college, is allegedly on grindr, and moving like the criminally insane?

we truly don’t know people until a scandal about them erupts.
i always like to believe people have three sides.

The one they show the public
The one they show their close family and friends
The ones they show themselves when they’re alone

we look at social media posts,
professional accolades,
and their intimate relationships,
and think that’s who they are.
everyone has secrets.
dr. kevin rome sr.,
the president of fisk university,
is another whose mask might have been yoinked off for 2020.
he finds himself in a weird alleged gay entanglement,
even while being married to a whole woman via “scoop nashville“…
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stop stalking me

its one thing to watch someone you’re interested in on social media.
i’m guilty of this.
we all are.
in this social media forest,
if the person’s page is public,
you can pretty much witness the peep show that is “their life“.
we wake up and go to bed with you.
we know what you like to eat and where you work out.
we know when you’re single and when you’re in a relationship.
with enough sleuthing,
we can figure out whose cheeks you’re clapping/clapping your cheeks.
it’s all good when it’s on your phone or laptop,
but when someone starts getting obsessed and it’s takes it offline

…that’s where the problem is born.
cutie and attentionisto,
mar’lo poindexter,
has a stalker.
he addressed it on his ig stories
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Josh Sole Is Kinda…

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 10.48.31 PMso remember josh sole?
tyler perry is ( x suing him ) for ( x stalking him )?
well this is a recent picture of him.
not bad.
not bad at all.
he is handsome.
nails look manicured.
too bad he is a super size of crazy
…or is he?

lowkey: how much you want to bet he will allegedly vanish off the face of the earth?
i’m not talking about an alleged death either.

Tyler Perry Explains “A Rough Night At The Office” For Us

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 7.51.44 PMso remember that situation that happened at tyler perry’s studio?
the one were someone broke in his studio?
of course you do.
i wrote about it ( x the other day ).
well an f-bi sent me what he wrote on his facebook
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