joel green has a stalker that he wants to share with us

as much as some of us crave attention on social media,
we often don’t realize it comes with a price too.
it is always good and bad for everything.
social media can take a real-life dork and make them a superstar just off a few curated pics.
once the fame rolls in,
we can start to lose ourselves in trying to provide even more content to stay on top.
it can bring many fans and stans just off the strength,
but bring about crazy jackals and stalkers too.
social media can truly be a blessing and curse.
i have featured ig attentionisto,
joel green,
many times in the past.
 he made an IG video today where he revealed that he’s being stalked and blackmailed


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the jackal legit started crying at the end.
manz said,

“i will kill my cousins for you”.

he wants that dick and he wants it BAD.


keith thomas aka @iamkeiththomas..

…just revealed on snapchat how his ig is hacked.
he alleges that he’s being blackmailed for money in order to get it back.
wtf is going on out here?

joel was very calm in the video talking to this jackal.
i applaud him for that,
but i wouldn’t have entertained.
joel said something in the beginning that made my eyebrow raise:

What does “mistakes from the past have made me a victim” mean?

in my foxy senses,
i feel like joel either was escorting or was being paid by the jackal for a lifestyle.
what is the context here?
how did joel even get hacked?
joel posted more on his stories about his stalker as well:

this is legit scary tho.
the jackal said he wasn’t even phased about going to jail over joel either.
he seems like the type that will keep coming and coming until a big showdown.

i hope by being so transparent,
joel can put a stop to this madness before it escalates into violence causing damage and injury.
 you don’t know the levels of someone’s crazy.

lowkey: can joel change his number?
joel can’t be doomed,

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

47 thoughts on “joel green has a stalker that he wants to share with us”

  1. I can’t begin to imagine what Joel is going through. This is terrible. But I am a bit puzzled… since said stalker is on a whole other continent, Can’t Joel just:
    Change his phone number?
    Shut down his current email address?
    Get a new email address?
    Report and block the stalker on his social media accounts?

    I agree that there are pieces missing to this story, like
    How did they get connected in the first place?
    What is their history?

    It seems the stalker might have some damaging info on him but Joel may just need to disclose whatever t is to his family and friends and that should take away the power the stalker seems to have over him.

    Noone should have to experience this type of hell. But in this ever advancing world of technology shouldn’t it be easier to disconnect from this overseas stalker? I hope he can get this resolved soon.

  2. Apparently he’s been scamming people out of their money as recently as this February. How old is this Joel guy anyway? He’s looks to be too old to be doing these antics that’s for certain.

  3. Something about this story isn’t adding up.I’m going to seat back let time tell me this tell.

  4. I feel for him as well. But we have to be mindful of who we deal with and come across. My own IG page has been hacked and I sent a response to customer support to see who this woman is that hacked my page.

  5. Stalkers is no joke. I’m very careful as an adult but when I was in college I had two chicks stalking me. One moved into my dorm, on my coed floor after I dumped her in the beginning of the year. Her house was four blocks from school and she clearly didn’t need to live in the dorm but proceeded to make my life he’ll. I later had a Frat brother that was obsessed with me break into the dorm late at night and vandalized my door when he couldn’t pick the lock. This is why I don’t get close to people.

  6. It goes by age of industry and introduction. But the response of crazy people is the exact same.

    Broadway/Theater Stars (truest celebrities, highly talented)
    Movie Stars (Very Real Celebrity, most are talented)
    Television Stars (Real Celebrities, talent highly possible)
    Reality Television Stars (Famous, but not exactly celebrated or talented)
    Internet Attentionistas (known by many, but rarely talented, never celebrated)

    The newer the medium, the less respect it gets. But the money, attention, and stalking can be exactly the same. Also, now with the Metoo movement in hollywood and on stage, celebrities may become less attractive, so attentionista movement may give rise.

  7. As a fellow person that has interactions with men, based on my body and other body parts, I have to say Joel must’ve had a transaction with him, now it doesn’t have to be in person but the guy has his number, and access to many things. Speaking from a person that has received many gifts, money from men that I’ve never seen or met it can get really sticky. But like any business you have to run it like a business with many practices in place no matter the $ amount. Setting boundaries does two things, protects you from things like this but also keeps certain clientele coming back. I think his personal privacy has been evaded but also he took something from the stalker and plays a big part. This comes with the territory. Sometimes the attention goes to ones head and they may have gotten more than they can handle.

    1. Thank u!!!!! Never use ur real number to communicate with a Trick

      Lastly I’ve had men step to me in PUBLIC and say odd shit and proposition me guess what ? Na bro I’m good thank u tho – or not.this is a real world interaction

      keep moving bc there’s a Bigger threat because it can get physical if trade doesn’t like the rejection

      … so you mean to tell me a grown man pushing 40 on the net showing his naked body for a bunch of incels as y’all call them or gaycels after all this time still doesn’t know not to engage with someone from the loony bin? The narcissism doesn’t stop there is what I’m saying and maybe a few others — most onlyfans videos are now pay per view and take requests . This is probably where the harassment began .

      But It doesn’t make sense that this guy came out of nowhere because if so this would’ve happened to him along time ago Joel has been a public figure pretty much as long as men have been on onlyfans

      My mother used to say everything has a price for Joel the price to see his cam show or pics is financial but to this weird man in his mind the cost of his money is to receive affection this is the danger in the modern transactional culture we live in

      1. Agreed!! Joel knows the truth and he’s going to fuck around and get everything aired out. Listen when I started Getting gifts and money from men, I deleted Every trace of social
        Media. Do you have IG? Nope it’s not my type of platform is my response. But again as you said the narcissism is at a all time high. Better set some boundaries, because the audacity of people are at all time high!

  8. This stalker is definitely nutso, but Joel is definitely not being completely forthright if I am being honest.

    For this person to be able to get into his personal accounts and contact his friends and family, indicates that this was a sugar daddy/escort scenario gone wrong. Joel has clearly fucked this guy and made him to believe that he is the one, and now this psycho has opened up a can of chaos in his life.

    No one would have this level of access to him if things weren’t more intimate.

    1. It’s called hacking. They got Joe Biden’s cashapp and you think the average person is safe? You haven’t had a jealous guy hack you and tell you not to talk to anybody because you’re his and cuss out everybody in your DMs as if it was you, ruining connections. I swear the “it’s never happened to me, so it’s impossible” is beyond small-minded.

      1. Yeah not buying what you’re selling bud. Hacks can only do so much. The amount of information that the two of them have on each other is too great for this to be a simple hack.

        Joel posted this dudes number, location, age, full name, and even his car! How would Joel even know kind of car the guys drives if their weren’t more going between them? And how is he saying this is something from the past when the car model he attributed to his stalker is from this year!??

        Again, not saying that Joel deserves this, but things still don’t quite add up.

    2. Exactly ! Lmaoo it has nothing to Do with stalking or not stalking

      All you have to do is read any news article and see fatal attraction starts at mixed signals to a KNOWN unstable individual

      The point is anyone who is paying a nigga bills he’s never met is unstable so even by joel taking that bait makes him susceptible to the antics

      Ever heard of “don’t make eye contact with the loon on the train ???” This is why no matter how nice u are to a crazy person they’re stil crazy

      That’s what I mean by don’t be green . Ironically that’s his last name. He knew better . The shit just caught up this time

  9. Violence of any kind, including the threat of it, is not okay. I don’t know what’s going on or what to believe, but something in the butter milk ain’t clear, and that does not believe I’m “blaming the victim” here. Even from the audio, we only heard the part where the guy says “so am I gonna suck your dick” and Joel did some edits when he said “you know this is illegal” so that caught my ear.

    There’s a few things wrong with this though.

    If the authorities in Germany and the US can’t help, what are social media followers supposed to do? As an attorney, I could make the argument that he’s asking his followers to engage in ‘street justice’ a la King Henry 8th who famously said “Will no one rid me of this troublesome woman?” Like, sir, you’re the king. If you want her sent to the tower of London, just say so, but don’t be a coward and ask your minions to do it as if it’s not still an official act of the king.
    When the guy said “Jerome” that caught my eye. It didn’t sound like a slip of the tongue either despite him saying “my bad I meant Joel…” Very interesting.
    The way to take your power back is to out yourself, soften the blow, and move on. He said it was a mistake from the past, yet it’s being brought into the future, for why?

    This whole thing is so messy.

  10. This thread is… weird. The man said his past caught up with him, no where did he mention that stalker being a part of his past. Obviously the stalker hacked into his account and found private content in his messages and saves. What else would there be to expose to family and friends. Y’all aren’t using your brains on this one. And Jamari, per usual, you on here hyping them up. My concern is with this blatant disregard for folks boundaries. These excuses and rationales y’all are coming up with show more about you all and your thoughts around sexuality/ sex work than anything else. Hell I wouldn’t be surprised if one of you was the stalker. Gay (black) men are truly lost.

  11. Remember the teacher in Atlanta that went crazy over the stripper/hustler, then wound up killing him. The he ran into a dump truck killing himself. These guys think that they can buy love only to get their heart broken. I hope he can learn a lesson from this.

  12. No one is saying he deserves this! I think ol dude needs his ass beat!

    I just think people put toooo much on social media and this is the dark side of it.

    I’m just saying social media is a sickness. If someone were stalking me, I would go completely off the grid and that’s coming from someone that rarely uses social media as it is. There would be no social media accounts, emails deleted or changed altogether and rarely used, pictures deleted or on a flash drive locked away, cell phone changed in place of a prepaid phone if absolutely necessary.

    Yet here he is…still on social media…asking his followers like they can do anything.

    Laying off social media or even taking a break is healthy. Don’t give people so much access to you. I don’t care how much money being an influencer makes.

  13. First of all wtf is “Gaycels”? lol
    Secondly yes it does sound like there are many missing parts to his allegations.

    He mentions his past coming back to haunt him so he is definitely familiar with this person but he dealt with the wrong one. Which sucks and I hope he finds resolution.

    My ex had a crazy stalking ex when we dated. The guy would leave feces smushed all over his car, his apartment doors and even called his job to tell them that he was giving away patients medical info (ex was a nurse).

    That Nigga was crazy and my ex didn’t want me to get caught up in it.

    In the end my ex decided to move out of state and start a new life. Mind you this was a great relationship no issues until that.

    So being stalked is the worst! I don’t even know how these ppl get to that point I have too much self worth, self respect, self love, pride and also too little time on my hands to go stalk somebody. That’s pathetic asf!!! Loser!

  14. Lonely IJF commenters strike again.

    Just because you’ve never dealt with a guy and he turned out to be psycho, doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.

    He might have never even met the guy and the guy is stalking him and you’re assuming it’s an old flame wanting that old thing back.

    I swear some of you people are gaycels!

    And I wouldn’t want my family seeing my nudes either. How are y’all on first name basis with these attentionistos that use gay men for money but trying to shame him for possible sexwork?

    I don’t know not ONE of these mofos unless they’re posted on here, so clearly y’all are subscribed to umpteen OnlyFans because you can’t pull in real life.

    1. Sex Workers aren’t respected or even seen as human, so some will find every reason to to justify when bad actions happen to them. Why do you think the Ed Buck trial didn’t recieve mch attention?

      1. We have to decide which side we gonna be on

        Either support sex work and “it’s hard for lgbt , support content creators”

        Or don’t support sex work “y’all desperate to subscribe, anyway”

        Most people who have subscriptions to onlyfans are either sex workers or highly sexual themselves (besides the few who are just nosy)

        Of course there are individuals who are extremely invested the man who is doing the stalking

        But the reason it gives us pause, well , speaking for myself, is joel mentions he has his what’s app info among other things

        If they have off-site interactions, money wires, transfers

        And they’re doing transactions and he promised a certain thing for a certain amount of $ and the money was given but no reciprocity, and the man went rogue to avenge his loss of $$$ not saying he was right with how he went about it, but can a thief sue a victim for getting revenge ?

        We’re assuming a lot but that’s bc none of the posters in this thread seem to be green about these types of men

        1. I’m commenting on people not believing him like mental illness isn’t rampant in this community. Just because they haven’t been stalked doesn’t mean he’s lying. Blackmail happens ALL the time!

          And these posters “not being green” proves my point. Because a Joel Green wouldn’t give you attention in real life, he must be lying huh?. It’s a pretty extravagant and pointless lie. Did he ask for a gofundme for protection? How is he benefiting? Just because you’ve never been stalked doesn’t mean these dudes hyped up on all types of drugs aren’t out here tweaking on some Fatal Attraction mess.

  15. I think it’s fair to question the accuracy of the whole situation, but i don’t agree with people fabricating a narrative where things were never implied. I didn’t hear anything that remotely implied that there was any transaction. The stalker is speaking like a deranged incel who recieved the slightest attention. I also sense a bit a jealousy from some people. All in all, Joel has to tell the full truth about his ‘past’ if he wants a resolution.

  16. Like others have said in the thread something smells funny.

    I’m thinking Joel isn’t telling half truths to his followers and trying to flip the narrative. What are any of his followers gonna do?

    If you just post pics and actually model legitimately and mind your business you actually save yourself a lot of grief.

    It’s become too common for these men to do side jobs (onlyfans, escort, premium Snapchat’s) on the low and not be very professional about it (following through) like a open and honest sexworker.

    Either way, I hope the situation gets resolved.

    1. ^remember when i would post that these attentionistos need to be more professional and i got the “they can do what they want because it’s their body and platforms”…

      this example said “hold my beer”.

      1. The laws literally can’t catch up with technology.

        There’s literally no way to charge someone living in another country. Much easier to be careful about the content you make and post.

  17. Y’all some double standard MF’rs for real!! Many of y’all enjoy this man’s content and the fantasy he creates. However, it’s like a female prostitute or exotic dancer that gets raped and the people, feel she deserves it or it’s a risk factor because of her line of work. No matter, the line of work EVERYONE has the right to boundaries and to say “NO” this is not for me. You can enjoy the fantasy but the creator does have the right to their boundaries and a safe environment. And, besides, he has gone to the police both in his country and in the states; and I know this for sure if this geek was facing real jail time, we would fold. All this crazy tough talk from this psycho is because this VICTIM cannot navigate the proper channels for justice in the states. People living in glass houses throwing stones but I wish him the best though!

    1. I’m reading these comments appalled, one second these commentators are drooling then next they don’t feel bad. Regardless of what this man does nobody deserves to be harassed, and having his pages compromised because some deranged queen is obsessed. If he didn’t rape, kill, scam or steal who gives af what he did in his past, he doesn’t owe anybody a explanation about that. He didn’t even go into depth, these commentators just assumed it was escorting. And even if so that still doesn’t warrant someone stalking you. And I’m tired of the exploit gay men for money narrative. How about the gay men that this applies too stop being so damn thirsty, and build some self esteem, and keep their money in their pocket and date and go for men that are ACTUALLY into them, instead of being some straight Instagram’s model cash cow. Nobody is forcing these weirdos to pay these men it’s a choice. These type of gay men just don’t know how to respect boundaries

      1. That goes both ways. There’s a danger that comes with sex work. If y’all would be honest about it instead of this constant “do whatchu want cuz it’s yo bawdy” rhetoric everyone has now and days. People would realize the risk. We don’t owe him sympathy nor do we need to explain why we don’t. Y’all just assuming everybody here pays for this dude’s content. I’ve never even heard of him before today.

  18. This kinda reminds me of the situation that happened to @ATLTheDL recently, but without the violent stabbing.

    Some of these fans of Instagram attentionistos and OnlyFans sex workers gotta few screws loose…

  19. Not to victim blame because he’s an adult so whatever he chooses to do is his choice

    but these people exploit gay men for $ and promise certain things and when asked and paid either ignore it or respond nastily and they ALL do this even the gay ones like Shawn outen who do “paintings” I think was exposed for not giving the work to the paying customer and blamed it on mental health but u posting canned ambiguous self help quotes for likes and RTs all day on twitter

    So when the rabbit gets the gun, of course it’s no fun 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

    Maybe try having a career that doesn’t involve luring and baiting men for income

    Models get paid to model, not to take videos of their ass hole and not send them

    1. ^ yikes,
      this actually turned against joel and i’m actually enjoying this perspective tbh.
      i don’t want to see it resort to violence tho.

    2. I’m sorry but no! There is no justification for this. I just went through this a few months ago. This man literally tried to blackmailed me in order to sleep with him. He hacked my iCloud, Twitter, and tried to hack my Instagram. He was sending messages to people on what’s app. Tried to ruin my relationship. Threatened to send my nudes and my text messages to my contacts. I was mentally beat the fuck up! I didn’t even do anything to this person but he was so upset because I was in a relationship. This shit was scary and I’m still dealing with the trauma. I’m scared everyday that he will pop back up and harass me again. Nothing this man has done justifies him being stalked. This shit isn’t ok!

  20. Thank God I hate people. What ever relationship they had in the past is certainly coming back to haunt Joel. I dont trust NOBODY

  21. 🙄🙄🙄 SMH… I don’t need no elaboration when he said MY PAST…. that can only mean one thing – he encouraged or received something or did an activity that has come back to haunt him. He sounds to concerned, too emotionally linked to this crazy ass demented psychopath 😲😲

    Someone is haunting your ass and all you can do is come on IG and ask for help😲😲😲Negro go ask your idol Kim Kardashian how to put restraining orders on assholes. I’m sorry. Don’t feel sorry for these IG fake personalities. He knows more than what he’s telling his followers and he knows why he doesn’t want to go to the PoLice.

    Bye Felicia 🤔

    1. He’s in a another country and he said the police can’t help him. He is Germany (he mentioned it in the video) and the other guy is in new York.

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