yup, coach kellz is still getting stalked

so remember the coach kellz vs his stalker story?
( x see it here )
it’s been a year and this manz is still getting stalked by that she-jackal.
he didn’t even smash her and she is…

he explains how the police can’t help him in his latest tiktok…

i find him to be very brave.
he continues to post his presence online even tho he is getting stalked.
the fact he walked up to her car to press her still has me shook.
not only that,
this is happening in a new state and not even his own backyard.

Back before social media ws poppin,
quiet as kept,
all he would have to do is call his female cousins that like to fight.
Now you know Deleshia and Mahalia loves to fight.

judging from his social media,
i’m not confused how she keeps finding out where he is since he posts it.
step one would be to be more anonymous but what do i know.
i guess it helps leave online footprints if something does happen.

Let’s hope this can get resolved soon.

no one should be dealing with this.

lowkey: i’m sure everyone has more questions about this situation.
it is rather scary.

i wonder what racial aspects play in this too?
sadly tho,
people are killed by stalkers even with restraining orders.
this is why i font to ya’ll not to bring hook ups to your house.

6 thoughts on “yup, coach kellz is still getting stalked

  1. Am I the only one that thinks he’s taking full advantage of this stalker situation? It’s almost like he’s using it as some social media promotion and clout.

    1. ^ i didn’t want to have to say something is off but…

      his social media presence is interesting for someone getting stalked for a year.
      it feels really…
      he literally puts where he is in his photos.

  2. Am I a bad person because I laughed when you fonted ‘he didn’t even smash her’? I really hope it works out for him. Has he tried taking civil action against this stalker? I watched the video and he said the cop laughed and didn’t take him seriously because of his height? Yikes.

    1. ^i was gonna ask that tbh.
      he said he ain’t paying for no lawyers.
      if the police are being assholes,
      shouldnt he be looking into suing them for not taking his safety into concern?

  3. All he gotta do is send me her address and I’ll make sure she…

    Frfr tho, Jamari, yall bloggers and youtubers be finding out everybody’s 3rd grade teacher and great grandmother’s name, can’t 1 of your ‘sources’ help him out and find her address so he can send his cuzzins round there to see bout her?? He can repay us by having a 69 session w me!

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