UPDATE: shawn outen isn’t a work of art (due to miscommunication)?

in life,
we can have misunderstandings that can lead to conflict.
imagine folks who aren’t speaking to us over a small issue that needed a conversation.
as the audience watching on the sidelines,
it can lead us to pick sides.
as a blogger,
i try to stay in the middle lane while giving an honest opinion.
one of the foxholers sent in a foxmail about model and artist,
shawn outen.
shawn allegedly scammed the foxholer out of art he requested.
( x see that entry here )
shawn contacted me recently and provided his side to this misunderstanding

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andrew gillum gives us a word for 11:11

many people don’t realize drug and alcohol abuse is a band-aid.
it’s often used as a cover for depression or other mental health issues.
i always question when someone can’t function without getting high or drunk.
there is always “something” behind it all.
folks use it to help quiet the sounds of the sexuality that their questioning.
andrew gillum,
the former shamed mayor of tallahassee,
had a lot to admit in a recent video he uploaded on his instagram.
we talked about his past alleged antics ( x here ).
well he had an 11:11 minute update for us

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so about that kevin portillo interview i was so hype about

so i want to apologize to the foxhole.
this might be my fault opening my big fingers tho.
when i get excited about something big for the foxhole,
i want the forests to know.
so this is in regards to kevin portillo

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it’s 10:30pm, do you know where jamari fox is?

…just getting home,
that’s where.
i’ve been working some long ass hours these last 2 days.
ima have to turn into bed in a few because i’m tired af,
but i just wanted to font

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the bugs may get you

if you look closely,
you’ll always find a lesson in something.
these days,
my job teaches me so much of not WHAT to do.
they love to drive folks crazy putting out fires that ain’t even happen yet.
i’m learning what it means to be uptight and high-strung.
i’ve noticed my mood has been all outta wack because of my frustration.
it has made me become pessimistic and angry all the fuckin’ time.
they remind me of how “putting out potential firesmy late mother was.
my mother was notorious for worrying about shit that ain’t happen.
i worked really hard to get outta that mentality and my boss is like that.

I don’t fuck with that at all

i’m on this new path to being more laid back and chill about shit.
so i caught myself being nervous and putting out a fire about bugs…

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am i gonna be better before my birthday this weekend?

when you make plans; God laughs.
i’m sure he got a hearty chuckle over monday’s antics.
so as you know,
a fox may have had food poisoning.
it felt like it,
an update on how i’m feeling tho…

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