update: did baller, ismemen etute, beat jerry smith to death because he got head from a male?

so let’s do a little catching up on a past foxhole story.
this past story is about an ex pre-baller wolf of virginia state,
isimemen etute.
in 2021,
he beat a jackal to death because he was posing as a vixen for sex.
( x see story here )
they reached a verdict in his trial and via daily mail

A former Virginia Tech football player was acquitted of beating his male Tinder date to death after claiming the hook-up had lied about being a woman then performed oral sex on him. 

Isimemen Etute, 19, was found not guilty of a charge of second-degree murder in the 2021 death of Jerry Smith, 40, of Blacksburg, Virginia.

so he was acquitted but i still have so many questions.
he must have been a virgin cause there is no way.
they allegedly had sex but…

He couldn’t he tell a vagina from a butthole?

i know its hard for males to find a vixen’s clit but good grief!
there were a lot of “duh” moments in this story for me tbh.
some straight wolves need to use their bigger heads more.

They willingly walk into a semi-dark crib to hook up with a “vixen” they met off a hookup app.
I find it hard to believe a vixen would conceal her identity for some dick.

my first thought would be isn’t that weird and fuckin’ scary?

these jackals who lie to straight males for dick aren’t thinking either.
if you’re caught up,
you may get that ass beat or even killed for the lies.
there are many males who are down for a hook-up with an “angie”.
it’s established beforehand so there are no surprises and hurt feelings.
it’s best if all big heads are thinking clearly.

read the full story: daily mail

4 thoughts on “update: did baller, ismemen etute, beat jerry smith to death because he got head from a male?

  1. The ones who don’t play that game always get the backlash from the ones who do. Some of these transvixens or drag queens are dirty and some are not. Its rare to get a TS Madison, Laverne Cox, Janet Mock, Amiyah Scott. Some people don’t know the difference between a drag queen or a transvixen. The Trans community get a bad wrap from the ones out here foul. You can’t trick guys into doing sexual favors, that’s against the law. They give the straight guys the “woman scorned” treatment.

  2. When you pose online as a woman, knowing you are a make, the laws are changing to protect the guys in this case. Too many times this IS happening and people want to say how? They don’t want the ones who know they are male and its a bunch of them that will gladly bend over for them. Its the thrill of it that turns them on of the guy eventually catching them and they make it easy to catch them. A wig coming off, making the wrong noise, or doing something to let them know you just got catfished. They even go back and show evidence that they tricked them. Sometimes its a plot to get money to keep quiet or to keep them coming back.

    That tuck game, is real serious. They can pull that shit so it looks like a vagina in tight clothes. If you don’t see it for yourself; that’s on you. If you fall for it; they got you. They be on Twitter showing how they do it.

  3. Hate that this happened to “Angie” however I’m not upset about him being found not guilty and freed

  4. Allegedly, he knew and when word got around, he went back to take their life. This is alleged.

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