aunt mo’nique goes off… again

aunt mo’nique just stands in her own way,
don’t she?
we applaud her and then we gotta go do that ” mo’nique” thing.
you know when she flies off the handle with no pause.
so mo’nique and fellow comedian,
dl hughley,
performed at a comedy show last weekend.

according to mo,
she was supposed to be the headliner instead of dl.
she claims in her contract that she was supposed to go on last.
so she gets on stage and does this


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in which dl hughley responded:


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with the receipts of the contract along with hers:


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and she posted this in response:


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so regardless of who is right and wrong,
mo’nique desperately needs new management.
is her “daddy” still managing her?
they have more… professional… folk’s capable of these things.
i guess my biggest question is:

Couldn’t this be handled backstage?

….but ima keep it a buck wit cha,
whether she is right or wrong,
mo gon’ do what mo is gon’ do.

She doesn’t care and you shouldn’t either.

this is how she chooses to handle things.
whether she is right or she is wrong,
she will get on stage or on social and call someone out.
if she feels you have done something to hurt her then…

that is the risk with working with her or doing her wrong.
none of this should be surprising because this isn’t new behavior.
mo’nique has been hurt and isn’t going down without a fight.
auntie got spunk.
i’m not the biggest fan of dl hughley and would rather see mo’nique close.
whatever the contract stated negates my opinion.
if mo’nique is wrong tho…

Will she apologize to DL Hughley?

you can’t be loud and wrong but i think we already know the answer.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

22 thoughts on “aunt mo’nique goes off… again”

    1. I just can’t stand her to be honest. She’s git some heavy issues. She must have been traumatized somewhere in her life n it’s playing out on any or everyone who comes in contact with her. She’s digging her own grave, because just imagine who in their right mind would want to deal with this craziness. Can U just imagine living in the same house with her.

  1. I honestly think the promoters are the cause of this situation between the two of them. But as I was reading the contract for Monique….it says headliner and last talent….And it also say headliner on DL contract….this is so confusing…..Just getcha 💰and move the hell on!!!!

    1. ^it seems like the promoters messed up and dl reacted in a less pleasing way.
      i feel like his reaction may have upset her and this is how it ended up.
      i could be wrong tho…

  2. The issue is with the promoter and should have been handled backstage. My issue with Mo is that she took it on stage and bashed DL and that made it personal. She didn’t curse out who needed it; the promoter! Just my $0.02!

      1. I usually rocks with Mo…but that insinuation that he may be gay rubbed me the wrong way. I hate when they use that as the ultimate diss

    1. You’re absolutely right!!💯💯 It definitely could have been handled a different way

  3. Her performance agreement does say that she is the headliner and closing talent. His deal memo doesn’t seem to hold up. It seems he tried to pull a fast one on the DL and got called out. He does look sneaky.

    Mo’nique went full Baltimore on him.

  4. I live for Mo’Nique. She has receipts and because of deceptive wording and different contracts, she somehow needs to apologize?

    The promoter should apologize.

    They already say Black women are loud and combative for asking for the bare minimum.

    And I love how everyone glosses over D.L. Hughley’s diva attitude regarding her headlining. If anything, Black women should be wary of working with him. He’s insecure and a crab in a barrel. Mo’Nique is way more relevant than he is. What a beta.

    1. Seli
      I agree totally. DL Hughley should laugh to the bank and shut up. Monique has been used and derided and professionally obfuscated by all the big wigs from Oprah to Tyler Perry and beyond. Give her a break! She called out Netflix in the pay disparity in reference to Amy Poehler and that BS. Monique deserves her laurels and plaudits and I do not blame her for not backing down.
      Monique isn’t sabotaging herself, she is blocking and playing defense for female comedians and the fuck boy treatment they try and throw her way. Oprah nor Tyler could break her or penetrate her independence and resolve or silence her voice. DL against Monique is like a shrimp trying to swallow a shark.♥️🌹♥️

  5. She’s becoming old and senile

    It’s a rant and a rave everyday

    And Dl is a veteran too did you forget kings of comedy came before queens ????

    She tryna do him like he ain’t on the radio everyday he’s a fucking legend as well – with the same 00s sitcom and movie career she had

  6. And the Oscar went to who??? 👏😆🤣 Monique has receipts! Sashay Away!

  7. My issue is why attack his sexuality when she’s upset? The homophobia jumps out every time one of these women gets upset. Vivica does the same thing and I have yet to understand how they think it flies to question what people do in their bedrooms while also not understanding how that tears us down in the process? Folks love hollering support black women, but black women show us consistently that they are just as toxic and as black men by actively perpetrating homophobia and hate.

  8. Monique came with them receipts DL low down dirty just like his friend Chris Rock he disrespectful to blk ppl everyday on his weak ass morning show im glad she got him and those promoters together no apologies necessary

  9. First off, that gif of Monique running has me in tears!😭

    This whole thing is a hot ass mess but y’all gotta listen to DL Hughley break it down on his radio show. I’m leaning towards him being right. Monique should have handled this with the promotors not the paying audience. They didn’t come there for all this drama, they can for a damn good show. Monique up on stage spitting all that vitriol and ignorance is not a good look for somebody trying hard to course correct their career and public image. There was no need to attack that man’s sexuality, wife, dog etc etc. It should have first been handled backstage and if some bullshit occurred afterwards then take it to the stage to blast him. We gotta stop perpetuating ignorant ass stereotypes and stop feeding into negativity. This is a prime example of black people tearing each other down without having an adult conversation and maturely working out conflict resolution. Monique is too damn old for this level of coonery. If she would have handled this correctly then reacted, I would be onboard because at least she tried but this right here. Shameful!

    I’m not even a DL fan and I rather watch reruns of the Parkers. But this is not black excellence and I don’t do black foolishness.

  10. Wait, did she say she was the headliner of the Queens of Comedy tour, when? Did I miss that?

    She definitely handled that wrong. They could have easily compared contracts backstage and then took the promoter to court. Now she just ruined a relationship with a good friend.

    DL sometimes is not always the good guy tho. DL has said shit that people was like ok yeah he changed. I mean first of all, you going back and forth online with a woman, that’s a bitch move. If you didn’t do anything wrong, do what Chris did, say nothing until the right check comes along. Bring your proof then.

  11. If I was Monique I would have stay away from calling D.L Hugely gay. Rumors have that Monique husband playing the male pond himself.

    1. I heard that, that’s allegedly why they have an open relationship but Sydney has been bad for her career for a minute now. She keeps taking up for him is the reason why people giving her a bad name. How you just get your name back and you throw that shit back in the dirt like a bad hype looking to sell some good shit for a hit.

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