aunt mo’nique goes off… again

aunt mo’nique just stands in her own way,
don’t she?
we applaud her and then we gotta go do that ” mo’nique” thing.
you know when she flies off the handle with no pause.
so mo’nique and fellow comedian,
dl hughley,
performed at a comedy show last weekend.

according to mo,
she was supposed to be the headliner instead of dl.
she claims in her contract that she was supposed to go on last.
so she gets on stage and does this

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My Job Contract Ended Today

i thought my contract at this job was 6 months.
was i wrong.
it was actually for 3 months.
who knew time flew by so fast?
i been working my tail off in this new position.
not as much as my old jobs,
but this position is a lot more laid back.
the contract ended today…

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Sign (Mi)

tumblr_mmbb53wrqe1s8w9o4o1_500so i spent almost all day drafting up this contact for mi…
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Colin Kaepernick Stars In “A Thot To Remember”

COLINKmy poor colin.
my poor poor simple colin.
i’m sure he is trying to forget his situation of “when a thot calls” last year.

this issue colin is having with his thot pocket i’m sure has left a bad taste in his mouth.
according to cbs sports,
so has the 49ers
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Paul George Now Smells Like Money Straps and Fresh Coochie

tumblr_mtnhh6HjdD1sug5bdo1_500baller wolf paul george is what you call paid.
he just signed a longer term contract with the pacers today.
how much?
*whispers* 90 million dollars.
faint for him…
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Reshad Jones Gets A “Automatic Dome” Contract Extension

RESHADJONESnfl baller wolf,
reshad jones,
is now swimming in the money.
29.3 million of it.
the miami dolphins extended his contract and well…

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