My Job Contract Ended Today

i thought my contract at this job was 6 months.
was i wrong.
it was actually for 3 months.
who knew time flew by so fast?
i been working my tail off in this new position.
not as much as my old jobs,
but this position is a lot more laid back.
the contract ended today…

…and i got an extension for another 3 months!

i really like this job.
even though it’s a huge pay cut,
it has been replaced with peace of mind.
i’m happier than i was at all the jobs i’ve ever been at.
i am still grateful for those experiences tho.
it has kept me out of the drama with these new co workers.
it ain’t my problem.
my supervisor loves that i’m not involved in anything.
i go in early,
do my job,
and clock out.
as long as my supervisor likes me,
which he does,
i’m all good.

Author: jamari fox

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21 thoughts on “My Job Contract Ended Today”

    1. ^thanks omar!

      my supervisor talks along the lines of “if you want to stay with us”,
      rather than “we want you to stay”.
      i do such a good job i barely see him.
      he never has to check in on me.
      i do my thing.

  1. Omg YAY!!!!

    I was on my way home and sat down on a bench to comment on the post cause I thought it was gonna be a sad post. I’m glad that they extended the contract! Hopefully they will see your worth and hire you from your temp agency. Does your agency have a clause into it that bars a client from hiring you directly from the agency until a certain time has past? If you don’t know find out from your agency. Really glad for you cause winter is coming!!!

  2. That’s awesome man, I too thought going into this post would be a sad read, but I’m so glad it wasn’t. Big congrats man:)

  3. Congrats Jamari!!! I don’t comment much on your blogs, but I never miss a post… keep up the great work, and here’s hoping the next extension they offer you is a permanent one!!!

  4. Gawdt, Jamari, good for you! There is nothing like having a piece of mind. People really dont understand that part. lol Since, Ive been reintroduced to the world of the Unemployed, my ass have been so unbalanced, but damn in my next job I need something completely different than what I had before. My spirit cant take being in a similar environment I left. God, I need a rejuvenation!

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