John Boyega Is Coming For Your Lustful Thoughts

i’m telling you…
when someone decides to glo up
it’s a beautiful thing.
so i wasn’t really checking for john boyega.
take out the “really”.
he has starred in “star wars” and “detroit”.
an f-bi just sent me it these recent shots…

sidebar: the bag.
i want to secure that bag.
…and then they it ended with this situation right here:

can we talk about that whole back and “whatever that muscle that is above the butt cheeks” is called”?!?!
call me!!!

lowkey: he has that “glo up” haircut.
that always helps.
can someone tell me what movie he is working out for?
i would like to make sure i’m there for it.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

19 thoughts on “John Boyega Is Coming For Your Lustful Thoughts”

  1. I definitely think he is attractive, and seems like a nice guy too. I agree with the others that said he should have been cast in the Black Panther movie.

  2. Sis that’s not John Boyega working out :-(( lol. I can’t provide receipts just yet but I saw that on this fitness/model guys workout page a week or so ago.

  3. He’s so unapologetically black too.

    I remember he was on Live with Kelly and she asked him what kind of women he likes and he replied “black women!” the whole audience fell SILENT! Kelly didn’t even know what to say lmaoooo

  4. He should have been casted to play MBJ’s role in Black Panther. He sort of looks African and he’s a better actor

    1. Preach!

      I know he always wanted to play Black Panther and he probably would’ve been a more age appropriate choice than Chadwick, but he definitely should’ve had MBJ’s role.

  5. Yes, this is more like it! Dark beautiful brown skin, and his body isn’t covered in prison tats – nice!

  6. I’ve always thought he was cute but now, alright John. Lol. He has definitely glowed up and ain’t mad at him.

  7. J, he may have been working out for both the Star Wars movie AND the Pacific Rim sequel. He plays Idris Elba’s character’s son in that one.

    1. Tyson I’m thinking the same thing too! Looks like danielshoneye fine ass, no doubt about that!!!

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