That Chris Brown Doc, “Welcome To My Life”, Kinda Depressed Me

we haven’t talked about chris brown in a while.
i know,
he’s been good and staying way under the radar.
thank God.
chris and i have a love/”wtf?” font-ship within the foxhole.
i heard that his documentary,
“welcome to my life”,
landed on netflix recently.
i decided to watch it tonight and well…

it actually made me sad.
i know.
the documentary takes you through his:

growing up in va
getting discovered
“incident” with rihanna
his other dumb shit
court appearances and jail time
becoming a free wolf

it was very raw.
it came off genuine too.
that charismatic and goofy wolf is underneath there.
that hood rat werewolf he can turn into battles it tho.
it had me feeling for him at times,
but i know that chris can also be full of shit too.
he has been coddled because some of his “issues” were his own fault.
he was also very young and dumb too.
all in all,
i’m glad to see he can admit where he went wrong.
it was actually a good watch.
i’ll allow it.
you can check out “welcome to my life” on netflix right nah.

lowkey: is it wrong to say i’m not really checking for his new album?
i did like the two songs he released,

that whole situation is gonna have 45 songs.

look at some of these titles:

Disc 1: Heartbreak On a Full Moon
1. Lost & Found
2. Privacy
3. Juicy Booty Ft. Jhené Aiko & R. Kelly
4. Questions
5. Heartbreak On A Full Moon
6. Roses
7. Confidence
8. Rock Your Body
9. Tempo
10. Handle It Ft. DeJ Loaf & Lil Yachty
11. Sip
12. Everybody Knows
13. To My Bed
14. Hope You Do
15. This Ain’t
16. Pull Up
17. Party Ft. Usher & Gucci Mane
18. Sensei Ft. A1
19. Summer Breeze
20. No Exit
21. Pills & Automobiles Ft. Yo Gotti, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie & Kodak Black
22. Hurt The Same
23. I Love Her
24. You Like
25. Nowhere
26. Other Niggas
27. Tough Love
28. Paradise
29. Covered In You
30. Even
31. High End Ft. Future & Young Thug
32. On Me
33. Tell Me What To Do
34. Frustrated
35. Enemy
36. If You’re Down
37. Bite My Tongue
38. Run Away
39. This Way
40. Yellow Tape
41. Reddi Whip
42. Hangover
43. Emotions
44. Only 4 Me Ft. Ty Dolla $ign & Verse Simmonds
45. Grass Ain’t Greener

i dunno about this one…

Author: jamari fox

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13 thoughts on “That Chris Brown Doc, “Welcome To My Life”, Kinda Depressed Me

  1. 45 is too much, people won’t be able to sift through the garbage to find the good songs, especially when most of his songs sound the same. I think he needs a refresh, start his image, music and even his dances over. He’s getting stale because he won’t change and grow as an artist.

    1. I do agree that he needs to step out of his comfort zone. His formulaic sound is VERY stale.
      He needs to experiment with new things. That drinkin’, clubbin’, sexin’ you BS is getting OLD.
      Matter of fact, Trey, Usher, and everyone else need to do the same. Change it up! PLEASE!

  2. I know I’m one of the few foxhole that actually cannot stand him (well that was harsh, I’ll say don’t particularly favor him)… He seems arrogant and rude. He’s a loophole artist now like Trey Songz is, except Trey is cute and has a nice body. Speaking of which…What has Trigga been up to lately? I’m not hip on the music scene so I come here for all the tidbits.

    1. You think that was harsh?? I hate HATE Chris Brown! Like a fool I fell for the changed man act after Rihanna and after the other million and one incidents after Rice Cakes came out and admitted he beat her too I was beyond through. That sad attempt at redeeming his career “welcome to my life” is garbage as well. Listening to him talk at the Rihanna incident was beyond infuriating. Pointing out how she hit him as well and Yada Yada Yada had all his fans coming out saying “see I knew she had to hit him that night!” It’s a failed attempt of victim blaming. He is a horrible person. And being good for less than a year won’t convince me that he’s a changed man. He’s still ignorant as all get up and is constantly beefing with folks even his own mom I mean the guy never stops mark my words sm1 is gonna say the wrong thing to him and he’ll be right back at it. Chris cannot control himself and everyone around him flat out pretends he doesn’t need professional help. He got diagnosed with being bipolar. Okay cool GO SEEK HELP FOR IT!!!! He is not a child. He is a grown man who needs to reep what he sowed. He swears everyone wants to see him fail cause of Rihanna no my friend. Look at the bigger picture. Rihanna is winning BIG TIME and is shaping up to be the most iconic figure in history meanwhile he can’t even get the typical 5milli views in a day for a new music video on youtube. Smh!! This guy makes my blood boil!! HE IS NOT A VICTIM!!!!!!

      1. Yes. I did notice that. Rhianna is doing it big these days. She’s being really blessed and she even donates and is real to herself. Meanwhile, CB is still an asshole…and getting nowhere. Very unpleasant man with some of the things I’ve heard and seen about him.

    2. Oh Please! We don’t fuck with Christopher either! LOL. And I agree with everything in the comment above ^
      CB is problematic.

      Btw, YES all his music sounds the same now

  3. SMH 45 songs tho and I bet they are all about the same thing. Ill pass.
    These guys are stuck in a oversexed rut. I mean damn, wheres the originality?

  4. He hasn’t made two decent, non sampled songs in 10 years but he wants to put out an album with 45 songs about sex lol.

    I’m sure his delusional fans will buy it, but Chris has been done in the music industry for a while now.

    1. Ok. I listened to snippets of the CD on iTunes today. There were 5 songs that I like out of all of those songs on that album/CD. Everything sounded like what he normally puts out. Some had good beats, but it was normal Chris Brown…nothing spectacular. Yet Joe Budden, Timbaland, and others are going wild like it’s a masterpiece, although I couldn’t tell if Joe Budden was being sarcastic or not. LMAO

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