In Delusional Nicki Minaj News…

i hate when pineapples do spiteful shit like this…
so nicki minaj is still grasping at straws.
i kinda forgot all about her.
she popped up on my tl rapping…

…and thought it was an impersonator.
she is light af.
nicki claims that foxy brown is her hip hop “influence”.
a whole inga marchand.
this is what she put on her ig for foxy’s birthday…

in her early days,
she straight JACKED kim’s style.
she was even re-creating b.i.g songs:

if we really want to go there,
foxy stole kim flow during that “hot spot” era.
that’s why kim and foxy started beefing.
foxy was gruntin’ like kim on tracks ‘n’ shit.
foxy started sounded like her own during “broken silence”.
nicki is a mash up of all these vixens.
all those colorful wigs started from:

so i dunno who she foolin’ on this lovely wednesday.
i know she don’t like kim,
but let’s get real.

lowkey: i mean….

nicki lowkey admitted she is a jacker tho.

Author: jamari fox

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15 thoughts on “In Delusional Nicki Minaj News…”

  1. As a person who grew up in the 90’s before the internet and social media. Lil Kim came at a time where female rappers was nowhere to be found.
    to dismiss lil Kim impact for Nicki is wrong,
    Lil Kim said it best

    cause I’m the best that ever done it, the best that lived it
    I ain’t no overnight success goddamnit I was born with it.

    That was from Came back for you. my favorite song.

    1. ^i hate when people do that.
      not giving props to those who came before them.
      nicki has emulated kim and it’s been pretty obvious.
      i can’t wait to see the outrage when it’s Beyoncé turn as a legend to be thrown to the side for some new hype beast who throws shade at all she has done LOL

  2. Eh, she doesn’t owe Kim or any other female rappers a damn thing. I’m sick of people expecting Nicki to hold some camaraderie as if she is the reason for their lackluster careers. Check this, EVERY rapper that is on TOP will make braggadocios records about them being better than every other rapper. The men do it all the time. But when Nic does it then it’s a problem lol.. OK. And S/O to Foxy, her lyricism and flow is more superior to Kim.

    Kim’s legacy is undeniable, but Foxy was definitely better than her in my eyes.

  3. Nicki is obviously influenced by many of the 90s and 00s female emcees. But primarily it was Kim and Foxy. And to be specific it was Kim on style while Foxy on flow. That being said she knew what she was doing. Been following her since the mixtape era and she did shout both of them out as influences, but once she popped she started to shade Kim and laud Fox more. Even tho she started to emulate Kim even more in style and flow. I feel conflicted on Nicki nowadays cuz she is talented. She’s jus been showing her ass lately due to her career circumstances. But I’m a die hard Kim fan so I maybe biased lol sue me.

  4. I have never like Nikki Minaj. In fact I almost slide one of her fans when they tried to get test with me cause I said I don’t listen to her music. I was like come on and get yo ass whopped over a person you don’t know personally.

  5. This conversation lacks nuance. I lurk on Lipstick Alley and reading that thread about this gave me a mega headache. Let’s start with some truisms. Nicki was very clear and concise with her statement. Y’all want to expand what she said to the dragging can commence. I’m almost positive y’all didn’t know Nicki when she was a teen listening to Hip Hop. Don’t conflate the public Nicki with the Nicki that was forged outside of the spotlight. Furthermore, Nicki didn’t have creative control in the early part of her career. Lil Kim was on The Breakfast Club and she said that Baby, the brother (whose name I forgot), and the label (Cash Money) studied Kim’s style (not music but style) and tried to force Nicki to be that. I believe that’s sort of the truth which is why Nicki is no longer there in her career. Not everything is about Lil Kim. She’s not that important. And y’all just gotta be okay with that. And Happy Birthday, Foxy. Love ya…

  6. I just don’t understand why they all can’t eat and uplift each other. Look at all the rappers in Ladies Night remix. Artists would be making cameos in each other’s vids and they’re still friends. Glad that they’re living and still making some money. People are wack for that. Life is short. Everyone can make money and later on we all spend and relax. Watching the kids growing. Nicki’s talented but washed at this point. Cardi shining and she’s bugging. Just like Kim was bugging over Nicki. Silly rabbits.

  7. Now, there was nothing wrong with her giving Foxy a shout-out on her birthday, but it’s gotten to the point where she will praise and say almost every female rapper inspire her BUT Lil Kim and that’s messed up.

    It’s obvious by Nicki’s style and rhymes that Kim is her biggest inspiration, and even if she doesn’t like her, it’s only right to show some respect when respect is due, but I doubt Kim is bothered by this. Word on the street is that they’re trying to find someone to replace Nicki, so we’ll see if she likes it when someone swagger-jack her.

  8. Whoever made that collage needs to get a damn life lol

    I don’t really feel like Kim’s style is as legendary as fans make it out to be. Kim dressed like hood, ghetto fabulous chicks and strippers dressed during that time period. Only difference is she was wearing labels and hood chicks wore flea market stuff.

    Foxy’s flow was superior though….

    1. You are right on Foxy having the superior delivery and she would son dudes on their own songs much like Minaj, wrong on Kim style not being Iconic because in the Late 90’s thru the Mid 2000’s she was the crescendo of female rappers plus properly crossed over (Along with Eve & Missy). All the rap chicks that came out after her followed her style closely. But I think the thing with Kim Vs. Nicki is that Kim was Icon of her era the start of what you see Nicki doing as far as the style from top to bottom but Nicki took it further because of the time she came up in (Social Media & Totally Celebrity Obsessed Culture). I think the problem is Nicki even to this day shits on Lil’ Kim even though she in all honesty is standing on what Kim built. In reality though Rap Females Were Not doing any of the wigs furs, talking Like Kim was especially that “Barbie Shit”. The Original style shift rap females of the 90’s was Kim first, Foxy second, Queen Pen third (the hardest of the 3). These three women were the shift. Kim just went a lot further than them (whole lot). You know though I think people are just tired of Nicki! For almost 10 years she had been the only one except for a bulp on the radar of another female that shortly after disappears right after their arrival (Iggy). It was like the game just closed the doors on all the other women and I think when the “Female Rap Renaissance” happens (And believe me its coming 3d Natee, Snow Tha Product, RapSody (RocNation Artist putting on her album the 22nd of this month), Sharaya J (Missy’s Artist) even Azealia Banks got the hint to shut and just rap) I am not that sure she will be apart of it. I mean its not her job to put other women on but it would not have hurt to extend a man to Fellow female Rapper trying to come up, or just question the industry on why is she the only one. I don’t think that it is smart to say “I am in I got mine they better get theirs!!” and it damn sure is not smart to shit on the woman that you stood on the shoulders of what she built!! I not saying help so much you are out of a job but just show some “Camaraderie” she know how hard it was for her. Just saying, No disrespect intended to your original comment got a little carried away.

  9. Kim made some hits back in the day. You can’t take that credit away from her, but I’m having a hard time feeling her anymore.

    If you think Nicki is looking light, you should see Lil Kim; she’s trying to change into a latina. With how terrible racism and colorism is in America I’m having a hard time overlooking her image to support her. I hope Nicki doesn’t copy this latina Lil Kim era too

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