The New Problem With The Word “Girl”

i found the following entry funny.
an acquaintance of mine straight contradicted herself today.
i’ll get into that in a minute.
so it started with an article in the “new york times” about magic johnson’s cub,
ej johnson.
he proclaimed is a rich “girl”.
i didn’t say it.
he did.
according to him,
he isn’t “some other rich girl trying to get a show”.
this is a snippet of the article…

“Today we are talking about breaking boundaries,” EJ Johnson declared from the stage of Beautycon, a two-day cosmetics festival held in August at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The 25-year-old son of Magic Johnson was moderating a panel called “The Gender Revolution,” and he was dressed for the part: black silk pants, crop top, sleeveless duster.

“We are talking about people who are not afraid to live their truth,” he continued, in a white armchair flanked by neon palm trees. “That is what beauty is all about, because it is in the eye of the beholder, honey.”

He introduced the panelists: young beauty “influencers” who, like Mr. Johnson, belong to a generation whose vocabulary for gender and sexual identity has stretched to include every conceivable hue. One of them, a gender-fluid 17-year-old YouTube star named Brendan Jordan, said, “I get asked if I’m a boy or a girl a lot. I’m just like, ‘Yes.’”

Mr. Johnson nodded and added: “That’s just the way we’re moving in the world, where everyone’s just going to be one big gray area.”

Since he was outed as gay by TMZ in 2013, Mr. Johnson has seized his own place in the gender revolution (or at least its pop-culture incarnation), mostly as a fabulous dresser. His style is ostentatiously androgynous: fur shawls, ankle boots, diamond chokers, sheer tops, draped on a frame nearly as towering as that of his father, a former Los Angeles Lakers star.

Like his gender-diverse wardrobe, his brand of fame is quintessentially modern: celebrity scion turned reality TV star turned Instagram self-chronicler. (His 631,000 followers had a virtual seat on his family’s summer yacht trip through Europe.)

Though he is determined to escape his father’s 6-foot-9-inch shadow, he has not shied away from flaunting his hyper-privileged lifestyle, first on the reality series “#Rich Kids of Beverly Hills,” which ran for four seasons on E!, and then on his own short-lived spinoff, “EJNYC.”

While his show had many of the familiar tropes of reality TV (shopping sprees, contrived squabbles), Mr. Johnson was an unconventional protagonist.

“There wasn’t any show that profiled a young person of color with a different sexual orientation living their life,” he said at his apartment in Beverly Hills before the Beautycon panel. He was perched on a golden bar stool (the décor was what he called “modern princessy”) in a translucent leopard-print robe, as a makeup artist applied blush.

“I’m not just some other rich girl who’s trying to get a show.”

so my acquaintance,
who i’ve had to check for calling me a “girl”,
was offended when ej called himself a “girl” in the article.
she thought that because some gays address each other as “girls”,
she found herself getting comfortable.
funny how the tables turn.
so i had to ask why she was upset.
she goes…

“because he is a man jamari.
not a girl.
the transsexuals and now gay males are trying to erase females now.
i’m not with it.”

…but wait?
i thought it was okay to call some gays “girls”?
is it a problem because some are actually embracing it?
or is a problem because paws are silently being stepped on?
this isn’t the first time i’ve heard/read vixens say:

“trans vixens are males trying to be vixens.”
“the media is trying to erase vixens.”

i thought they got mad when they found out about the dl,
but now it’s a whole new can of worms being cracked opened.
i’m starting to believe some vixens aren’t as “comfortable” with “us”.
no matter how masculine or feminine we are.
they like getting all the gossip and finding out who is gay,
but now that the world is going into a “grey area”,
i am noticing a change with some of these vixens out here.
stay tuned.

article cc: the new york times

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “The New Problem With The Word “Girl””

  1. Women allowed this shit though.
    I’m all for women’s rights and I believe their platform should be centered around them and their issues (equal pay, abortion rights, etc), but what I see is a lot of them overextending themselves to other causes to the detriment of their own…as usual.

    For example, if you as a woman go to a gay man to get your hair and makeup done you do realize you are doing so to the detriment of female hairstylists and makeup artists.

    So don’t get mad when gay men reduce womanhood to hair, makeup, and heels and start thinking they are better women than you. Women think just because men are gay they can’t be problematic lol

    Wait until shit gets real and women start fighting with “those that identify as women” at Spelman. lol

    EJ makes my skin crawl. Mostly because I can imagine most of the people I know roasting him to eternity. Also because he literally has no purpose and seems out of touch with reality.

    1. Jay,

      I come to the blog to read your comments because you are an abstract thinker and do not seem to have the herd mentality.

  2. People need to leave EJ alone. He doesn’t do anything to anyone. I’m not really a fan of his androgyny, but I do find it refreshing that he is able to have people the love him so unconditionally. But on a subconscious level, people need to require others to meet their expectations.

  3. As a person who has meet and been around EJ a few times, he is a very nice person. Not sure where he’s trying to Do career wise buts really nice.

    I have always been confused on why some gay men like to be called girl but to each their own.

  4. “they like getting all the gossip and finding out who is gay,”

    THIS! It’s. Not just women who do it tho a lot of straight me do it to. It’s like they want to have someone figured out who doesn’t meet the usual stereotype of what gay is.

  5. More foolishness. I have my reservations about natural females… Well, most of them. As I stated in another topic, all women aren’t as buddy…buddy with gay men like everyone wants to think. Its just how they go to the Asian Nail shop and the Asians are talking about them while they do their nails.

    Women talk about gay men to each other or their wolves with a two-faced passion. Sure it’s not all of em but them others are on that…, “My life is more holier than yours because I’m straight shit” because let’s face it, Homosexuality will always be something they don’t understand & don’t want to understand.

    The only thing they want to do is benefit from the gay scene but taking in their traits and learning techniques on how to keep they wolves by engaging in activity that were common to two males. They like to find out who is DL so they can report to the Downlow Police how bad and how less of a man someone is because they gay. I also find the gays that befriend them.equay annoying because they are confiding in them like they are all are the Sisterhood of Traveling Pants.

    I was around this girl who annoyingly flirty with me and I never gave her play…Well one day she blurts out..”My gay friend tell me all.the DL dudes around here. He even showed me what Jack’d was and he let’s me see who message him and everything.”

    I was looking at her like SMFH.

    Side Note: If anyone refers to me as a girl, I slash them pretty quick…😂 I have a dik not a puss…🤔 Slang or not. Haha

  6. It’s funny because when people insult gay men they will say anything to emasculate them and liken them to a woman. Now when it comes to transwomen they will say the OPPOSITE just to let them know “you are a MAN”.

    It’s two different ends of the spectrum here.

  7. I don’t understand gay “men.” Ya’ll read girls like EJ for being forthcoming in their truth and living life for no one but themselves, yet y’all take the pee pee as well, but I guess it is okay because no you all do it behind closed doors and discreetly and consider yourselves masculine. It was the fem Black male and transgender female who made it okay for you all to be out with your sexuality today. EJ is a very mentally strong person. I don’t always agree with his fashion choices, but he is not doing anything different from any other 25 year old, trying to make moves and finding their way. I guess it would be easier to stomach if he were masculine.

    And the reason why some of us don’t mind being called girl is because is the same reason a lot of you don’t mind being called bruh or the n word. We don’t associate the term with a gender because we live our lives freely, genderlessly. It is just a term of endearment or a ki ki.

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