something you did made him not fuck with you?


You ever meet a guy and he is everything?

he was everything to you.
i mean,
he could be the popular kid or the dweeb who sits at the front of the class.
there is no explanation as to why you feel drawn to him.
it’s almost like he’s a magnet.
you think about him a lot.
anytime you go to jack off,
or have sex with someone else,
he stays on your mind.
the only issue is…

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The New Problem With The Word “Girl”

i found the following entry funny.
an acquaintance of mine straight contradicted herself today.
i’ll get into that in a minute.
so it started with an article in the “new york times” about magic johnson’s cub,
ej johnson.
he proclaimed is a rich “girl”.
i didn’t say it.
he did.
according to him,
he isn’t “some other rich girl trying to get a show”.
this is a snippet of the article…
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MMA Wolf, Anthony Johnson, Lets a Vixen Have It (Hard)

anthony_johnson_3these wolves are serious about their gym time!
so mma wolf,
anthony johnson,
had a few thoughts about a vixen today.
allegedly she was doing yoga too close to the weights in the gym.
someone call the police!
well he got on his facebook and this happened…
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200148614-001so while i was waiting for the hot water in my apartment to get hot,
i witnessed this scene outside my window.
i often see a “message” in many things that i often have to stop and write them down.
well luckily i was speaking to someone in emails when it happened.
i wrote the entire situation out to them,
but i wanted to post it as well.
it could be an “aha” moment for someone out there…

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Going Down

tumblr_mzhsk3qkEq1rj1ango6_500so i was ear hustlin’ on the elevator on the way to post office today.
these two hoodrat females were on there talkin crazy loud.
well they were in the middle of a conversation about #rhoa and “the brawl”.
they were specifically talkin about brandon and kenya.
this is what they said…
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