Going Down

tumblr_mzhsk3qkEq1rj1ango6_500so i was ear hustlin’ on the elevator on the way to post office today.
these two hoodrat females were on there talkin crazy loud.
well they were in the middle of a conversation about #rhoa and “the brawl”.
they were specifically talkin about brandon and kenya.
this is what they said…

“well i don’t know why he all mad.
dont all gays like to be called queens and girls?
that’s what i call my cousin and honey yes he lives for it.
he calls all his friends girls and bitch so wtf that nigga talking bout?
they just making something out of nothing.
i really hate that bitch and yes her friend was a queen.
why he even get up?
why she even get up?
blah blah blah blah blah…”

i wanted to say something sooooooo bad.
i was already in a bad mood that i even had to go outside.
i try avoid cussin out the hood rats anyway.
they have no chill and i would hate to have to stab her in self defense.
my inside voice tho:

tumblr_mmi7egs7kl1qbbb7uo1_500i guess my theory on how most vixens see us was spot on?
most of them put us all in the same box anyway.
should we be shocked?
i’m not.
call her a bitch and i’m sure she’d be flip the fuck out tho.

10 thoughts on “Going Down

    1. What I would’ve said on the elevator ^^^^^^^
      I’m too tired for “the ratchet’s” shenanigans.

  1. I would have shot those chicks the lowest down look. My female friends don’t call me that and if one of them calls me girl they quickly apologize (not that I take offense with it). They see me as a human and not a character and unlike other women I know they do.

  2. I would have said something. If we are all queens, how come there is a such thing as downlow? How come women all over the world are coming home from a long days work, to find their man bent over the kitchen counter getting his ass fucked? Many of us are invisible. You cant see me mutherfuckaaaa! We are in plain sight and they fail to comprehend that. We have them “flustered” like Kenya was when that man walked into sperm bank. They are in these “queens” faces twirling their weaves around their finger tips flirting with us, but we aren’t even checking for them, we rather sleep with their brothers. They need to think about us discreet and downlow dudes before they run their mouths.

    These hoes wouldn’t go there with me. They got the right one if they do. You think we’re all queens? I’ll show them in a heartbeat. Leave me with your man for and hour, and if I dont sleep with him before I leave, he damn sure will question his sexuality when I do.

  3. We are in a no win situation in our society. It is not even necessary to try to fight it anymore. All races have sunk so low that manners, morals, good taste have been thrown out the window for instant gratification. Its like everyone has taken the day off and instead have zoned out on a steady diet of trashy television which has little to no redeeming qualities other than turning a profit. Its like our whole society is based on this model. Technology has made us dumber as a nation, more crude, everybody is fighting for a little piece of a ever shrinking pie. I see so much ignorance everywhere I go now, and now know that society has failed on so many levels. None of us want to embrace other cultures or other lifestyles, we say we do on paper but do something totally different in private. These females smiling in your face are surely laughing at your perverted lifestyle behind your back, that is why I will never entertain my personal love life with any females including close friends and family. Sometimes you have to let low brows stay in the space they have created in their limited minds as the real world passes them by.

  4. Aren’t women the great benifactor to gay men? We give them advice gossip fashion commentary and are naive to think that they will take us in as their own

    It’s important to Remember that we are MEN and they are still WOMEN and are emotional and irrational creatures and will turn on you and their own gender without a second thought if they feel scorned.

    Gay men need to wake up and be wary of these women and realize ( not all but)they just use us as either accessories or squeeze us for info just to make their lives better than next woman.

    But hey we are gay men as well and what gay man is without femininity we will willing give up the goods to these women and when they end up dropping out of their circle or are angry at us for doing our thing we feel like Boo Boo the fool

  5. This reminds me of the N word argument.People are always like

    “I have Black friends that say it so I say it too and they don’t mind.”

    Just because there are a few gay men that are okay with being called a queen, doesn’t mean every gay man will be okay with it.Just like some women are fine with being called a bitch in a casual way and some women are not.I actually think it’s nice how women use the word bitch in a greeting way like “I’m going out with my bitches tonight” or “what up bitch.”It’s like what we did with N word.However, our problem with N word comes from the fact that Black people are so emulated, as soon they see us doing something, they all wanna do it too.

    That’s just how awesome we are though.Yes I’m sucking my own dick.I really liked the “sucking their own dick” analogy one of the posters used yesterday.

  6. *heavy eye roll*
    I’m so used to hearing bullshit like that, it doesn’t even bother me anymore.
    Trying to explain it to simpletons like this is even more of a headache.
    Let sheep be sheep.

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