why are all relationships exposed in elevators? (saweetie vs quavo)

you’ll see a picture like ^this and assume people are happy af.
it’s natural especially on social media where everyone is pretty and perfect.
some folks have public relationships and private ones.
in public,
they lay it on thick to show us they’re together.
everything must have a picture or video attached.
that might fool many into thinking they’re happy or at least stable.
on their private side,
it be a WHOLE different story.

I know so many toxic relationships that show something different on social media

this is why when it all comes out,
we are shocked or disappointed because we had hoped they’d work.
it was secretly us hoping we would find something like their relationship.
i’m sure that is how many felt today with this quavo and saweetie elevator video…

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so this is how she acted with a dog in an elevator? (bow wow)

so i was waiting.
i was waiting very patiently.
i tend to have this gift of “the hunch” at times.
i guess the following answered my question somewhat.
so like the infamous “bey, jay, and solange” elevator video,
this is “the before” of bow wow and kiyomi leslie‘s domestic abuse incident…
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Anyone Can Fuck In An Elevator Tho (2018 Spring Break)

*the following entry is parental advisory.
viewer discretion is strongly advised

freaknik and black spring break,
but in the 90s tho.
that’s when folks could be ratchet without any evidence.
you could go down there and drink,
and fuck until you couldn’t do it anymore.
you come back home and act like it all never happened.
i heard it use to get wild af back then.
ask your parents and older family members.
as a cub hearing these legendary stories,
i wished i could have seen it for myself.
social media has been in a gasp.
folks was talking about this video down in miami for ’18 spring break
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Everyone Meet The First Example: Ray Rice

ffd31179aef24a99ccfb90d3c389935bso if you’ve seen and heard,
baller wolf ray rice put his paws on his then fiance,
janay palmer.
in ( x the first video ),
they showed him dragging her out of an elevator at atlantic city.
well a video was released of what exactly happened inside today.
what is it with ( x these elevators )?
are they the new boxing ring?
this footage maybe graphic for some…
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Solange Signed To Roc Nation Sports (Kick Boxer)

beyonce-chunliis the pretty picture starting to crumble…?
so i’m getting up to go pee after doing my regular work,
a piss i was holding all morning,
when my emails start going off like crazy.
“did you see…”
“solange and jay z…”
“omg jamari look at this on tmz…”
i immediately went back and sat down.
the pee could wait.
so i’m sure you saw solange spinning star kickin’ jay z in this elevator at the standard hotel.
beyonce being a witness to the madness.
it gives a new meaning to “ring the alarm”
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