why are all relationships exposed in elevators? (saweetie vs quavo)

you’ll see a picture like ^this and assume people are happy af.
it’s natural especially on social media where everyone is pretty and perfect.
some folks have public relationships and private ones.
in public,
they lay it on thick to show us they’re together.
everything must have a picture or video attached.
that might fool many into thinking they’re happy or at least stable.
on their private side,
it be a WHOLE different story.

I know so many toxic relationships that show something different on social media

this is why when it all comes out,
we are shocked or disappointed because we had hoped they’d work.
it was secretly us hoping we would find something like their relationship.
i’m sure that is how many felt today with this quavo and saweetie elevator video…


thank God i wasn’t too invested in their “union”.
you know some folks will live vicariously through others’ relationships.
remember the last time relationships were exposed in elevators?

click to watch the other two on youtube:


so i will font:

This didn’t strike me as a domestic violence situation

it looks like she swung on him first and it seems he was trying to take back something of his.
this is apparently an old video and they have since broken up.
this might just be a non-issue but it does let me know:

Never assume two people are happy by baecations and Birkin bags

there is always a story behind people’s relationships.
some of it might have your mouth agape.
now the real story i’m trying to find out:

Why did Migos allegedly lay paws and beat up Justin Laboy?

Author: jamari fox

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10 thoughts on “why are all relationships exposed in elevators? (saweetie vs quavo)”

  1. Bruhhhh….
    When you see all their interviews she’s always the dominant one. People have even said she’s always mean to him but I always thought something about it all wasn’t in his character; he was on when the cameras were on.

    This a nigga from ATL and he was being all sweet humble timid lovey dovey with her on camera. I was like why does it seem like he’s asking for forgiveness every time he’s with her?

    Of course all the niggaz on Twitter are defending him, typical of women beating black men.

    Now yes they may have had a violent relationship and may have been hurtful to each other but this man blocked her from the elevator as she was hurt and seemed to be pleading for help.

    She clearly stayed with him for relevancy and all the jewels and money she said he would give her when he would “fuck up”.

    Know your worth ladies and don’t let these chicken legs Niggas beat on you.

    1. Yikes! This is dangerous.. running w/ some romanticized narrative when the facts leading up to this video – nor audio are present, but I guess the limelight comes w/ ppl such as you.

      I don’t support domestic violence in any capacity and if he’s a woman beater he should be shamed! If she’s the aggressor, she should be shamed as well! Men should know their worth and ladies should as well.

      1. Man shut up!
        I didn’t invent all this from watching the video. I’m both a fan of Saweetie and Quavo and I always thought they were a beautiful couple! I’ve seen their interviews and in recent weeks how she’s talked about her relationship. So what are you talking about?

  2. We have next to no information about what lead up to this confrontation, so I’m suspending judgement until we have more information…

    1. It’s hard to think of context where this would be ok. There is excuse for. Throwing hands in someone. And if she started it, he should have walked away.

      1. How exactly do you simply walk away from a situation where the person is trying to seize and break your property…???

        Again, I’m suspending judgement and am glad these to have broken up.

  3. I think its horrible that this was released . Privacy doesn’t exist! I don’t care if they’re both celebrities and “relish the limelight.”

    I find it equally appalling the ” Jay, Bey and Solange’s” private moment was shared.

    Though I watched it, I felt kinda bad as though I violated someone’s privacy.

    [ My mother raised me to “NOT SNOOP & Don’t go looking for something cos you may not like what you see”!!!]

  4. It’s him leaving her on the floor and caring more about what the person who was going to get on thought and not seeing if she’s okay and her limping out of the elevator for me.

  5. To be fair to both parties, I don’t know what started the confrontation and context is everything. We need to stop pushing this narrative, however, that only woman can be the victims of domestic violence irrespective of who starts what i.e., people really do feel as though it is ok for a woman to hit or assault a man physically or otherwise be verbally and emotionally abusive; that’s got to stop. It’s crazy because this clip is getting a lot of pushback because as you have highlighted when you watch the full clip, we see Saweetie appears to start the situation.

    I don’t want to be rude, but who is this woman at the end of the day. I have a lot of respect for people like Ciara, Meg, Cardi, Nikki and other woman who build something from scratch and stand on their own; I don’t understand these people who are only famous because of who they date. Unfortunately, we live at a time when money makes the rules, if you decide to get into a relationship with someone who has substantially more than you, you knowingly enter into an unequal partnership, you are literally getting with people who have the money to change your entire life at the snap of a finger, as the public we don’t know what arrangement you have agreed to.

    I also am hesitant to even call this domestic violence; relationships are not fantasies we need to stop acting like anytime someone doesn’t behavior or say the things that we want, that it’s automatic abuse.


    At the end of the day, people are people. Let us stop with all the man vs. woman nonsense. We all have needs and wants, emotions, traumas, goals, dreams, and aspirations; and we should be

  6. Maybe it me but watching this video from all over the internet and not ONCE did he put his hands or “beat” her. All he did was grab her arm and pull her into the elevator after she tried to steal his game. She fell to the floor and he just stood there. Now he is a woman beater, how. How sway?! Im going off the video alone and in that video he did not touch her but SHE swung first and he did not once violently attack her. He acted like a man and just held back but she was hurt. She has every right to be hurt because of what is going on in THEIR relationship. Allegedly the dude The Migos beat up apparently was supposed to have a threesome with Saweetie and Quavo. Threesome definitely came up in the interview he did on The Breakfast Club and even they said he sounded like he was trying to break them up. Allegedly she claims he been cheating. At the end of the day, they going through the same shit every relationship goes thru. This shit is getting real old how a woman can swing on a dude but he is the aggressive one by grabbing her and doing nothing and he is the woman beater; that’s bullshit and its old. Quavo still loves her and it shows but what they going thru only they can endure it. The video is a year old as she says but they moved on from it. Why somebody sent it to TMZ is late as hell.

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