to get the vaccine or don’t get the vaccine, that is the question?

everywhere i turn,
it’s all about the vaccine.
it’s on the news,
my notification center,
and in my everyday conversations.
we won’t even be able to go anywhere without a rona passport out here.

( x read about it here )
it’s beginning to feel like a cult or movie.
folks that i know are bragging about getting the first shot.

I got my first shot.
I feel a little sick,
and my arm is about to fall off,
but I’m excited to get back outside again.”

and see that is the issue i’m having…

Why does everyone think this is a cure?

there have been reports that people are confused why they caught the rona after the vaccine.
why was the “not so” fine print ignored?
it’s been stated that this is not a cure.
this is a preventative so that people won’t die.
you can still get the rona,
and still spread it,
but YOU won’t have fatal symptoms.
this still means you have to wear a mask and social distance.
why is this so confusing to some?

i’ll be 110% foxhole:

I feel uneasy about getting the vaccine.

my foxy senses aren’t sold yet.
i want all the folks with herd mentality to get it and i’ll see how that works out.
everyone 30+ in new yawk can get the vaccine starting yesterday,
but ima chill and see how this goes in the coming months.

Does anyone else want to hold off on getting the vaccine?

…or are you getting it asap?

lowkey: why does it feel like folks get hella angry when you speak negatively about the vaccine?
so we must all take it without asking questions?

Author: jamari fox

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8 thoughts on “to get the vaccine or don’t get the vaccine, that is the question?”

  1. This is how I feel too, for the most part. My ma is supposed to be getting her first shot in the next couple of weeks, and she knows I’m still on the fence about getting one as well. We’ll see what happens.

  2. I just received my second dose of the Pfizer vaccine this week.I had mild side effects of feeling dizzy or lightheaded and having body aches for about 24 hrs.

    I look at the Covid vaccine the same way I look at the Flu vaccine, which I take every year, it simply lowers my risk of contracting the virus.It doesn’t mean I can’t contract Covid,but If I get it hopefully I won’t get seriously ill.I plan to continue wearing my mask,using hand sanitizer,etc.

  3. Yeah I too was also heavily confused at people thinking that the vaccine is a cure. My neighbor stated that and was like now he can travel without wearing masks and I’m just like ummmmm when was it stated that it was a cure though 😂😂😂😂 The word “cure” has not once been stated by any actual medical officials lmfaoooooo. I too am also thinking about getting the shot especially since my grandparents both got the shots and are still being regular and doing regular things. That and I really don’t want to die lmao.

  4. It’s not a cure, but once the majority of the population get it, then ‘spreading it’ won’t be deadly and sending all of society (northern, because the south has apparently found a cure…) into hysterics.

  5. Like @YCollette, I was anxious to get the vaccine because I understood that it would help minimize getting the virus and/or extreme sickness (if I tested positive). I have been testing monthly since last June (all tests negative) and I just got my second Pfizer shot last weekend. I was told to take some Tylenol as a preventive to mitigate any side effects. I was told to expect slightly more side effects from shot 2. I had chills and felt tired the day after shot 1, took a nice 5-hour nap and they were gone. Shot 2 I felt a little fatigued on the day after the shot, but again took a nap and that was remedied. I also took two doses of Tylenol at 5 hour intervals. I can’t honestly say if the Tylenol did anything, but I’ve been fine ever since. I don’t plan to forego the mask and social distancing for some time because we don’t know what’s going to happen with these subsequent outbreaks and variants and all. I take solace in the fact that I have done everything I know to do at this point to keep me and anyone I may care about safe without being extreme (hand-sanitizing my rubber disposable gloves). I live in the south and we crazy as hell down here. White folks (who haven’t contracted it or seen a loved one with it) see it as “infringing on their rights” and Black folks scared of it (even though we have an HBCU president as our local “Dr. Fauci”). He even has a tag line: “Don’t be a vector”…LOL.

  6. Jamar- I’m with you buddy. Not sold as yet. This is not a vaccine BTW. Makes no sense something is taken and it does not prevent you from getting the Rona so whats the point? Oh you wont die. OK but some people are dying after they get the shot so what?????

    Secondly this thing they inject in you tells your body to ward off any similar virus as it multiplies and builds antibodies in your body. Question- when does it stop multiplying? No one can answer that. your body builds its own immune system and have it stored somewhere. When the virus comes again it attacks and kills it. Done. This thing does no such thing. It keeps multiplying, and multiplying , no end in sight.

    My concerns: 1. This was done too quickly. 2. BILL GATES is a bitch and a murderer, don’t trust his ass. Since when did he become God? 3. They are hiding things from the public in order for people to take the vaccine. dint trust them. 4. Why do some people have such horrible side effects including death? Their answer: Well some people will have side effects and if they die its not from the vaccine..REALLY? They were fine yesterday. Again they are lying. Lastly they are immune to lawsuit.If they cant stand by their vaccine then who can? FUCK THEM. I’m waiting , maybe never.

  7. I got it, I recommend it. I know people who’ve died from Covid-19 (570,000 total in the US so far, almost as many people as died in 4 years of the US Civil War & more than World War I, II & Vietnam combined) & who are messed up, I hope not for life, after “getting over it.”

    The vaccine’s effects, even at their worst, are mild compared to this, and even if you get Covid-19 after being vaccinated, your chances of severe illness and death are far, far lower. So on a risk analysis basis, it’s better to go with it than not.

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