Everyone Meet The First Example: Ray Rice

ffd31179aef24a99ccfb90d3c389935bso if you’ve seen and heard,
baller wolf ray rice put his paws on his then fiance,
janay palmer.
in ( x the first video ),
they showed him dragging her out of an elevator at atlantic city.
well a video was released of what exactly happened inside today.
what is it with ( x these elevators )?
are they the new boxing ring?
this footage maybe graphic for some…

he two pieced that vixen so hard and her head hit the rail.
it looked like she was trying to walk away.
well janay ended up marrying him a month after:

1410183832574_wps_10_article_2563240_1B90639E0aaaah nothing like love in the air after you get knocked unconscious.
isn’t it so “romanticals”?
the baby has my same reaction as i wrote that.
the nfl claims they never got to see the video inside elevator.
grey aiello,
nfl spokesperson said:

‘We requested from law enforcement any and all information about the incident, including the video from inside the elevator. That video was not made available to us and no one in our office has seen it until today,’

welp since the nfl established those new domestic violence rules,
ray rice has been cut from the ravens and suspended by the nfl today.
he has ended up being the first example.
i think it’s fair,
don’t you?
even tho janay sat with him during ( x his press conference ),
i wasn’t entirely convinced.
i personally think that nfl baller wolves,
like boxer wolves,
should have their entire bodies considered deadly weapons.
these wolves are bigger and stronger than most people.
one hit could literally knock your head off your shoulders.
it might not work for some pineapples,
but it should remind them from putting their super human paws on people.
just a suggestion tho.

lowkey: i wonder if being potentially broke…
will make her pack her shit and leave?

article quote/picture taken: daily mail

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21 thoughts on “Everyone Meet The First Example: Ray Rice

  1. Dey just attacking dis black dude what happened with Ben rosthlesberger? He still gets to play ball this is wack

    1. And they make rape jokes about him in a very hysterical and unfunny manner. I lost a lot of respect for some white and black people for supporting that weak ass bitch.

    2. No one is attacking Ray, you sound like one of those delusional people who just like to talk to be talking. Before this video leaked, Ray had a slap on the wrist. It is one thing to hear about domestic abuse, but to witness it is a whole nother story. If a video of Roethlisberger raping a woman leaked to the public back then, he wouldn’t be playing today. People are so quick to make everything about race.

  2. If my mother forgave my father for beating I don’t think that I would go on in life thinking well, I am a forgiving person because even mom forgave dad after he beat her in front of us. FUCK THAT! I have 5 brothers and 3 sisters, my father got mad at my mom one day and he slapped her. My two older brothers jumped his ass and ran him out of the house. Not only that they threatened him that if he ever came back they would kill him. My mother didn’t say anything, she knew that she now had her boys to protect her from this brute. He worked on his “issues” and slowly was accepted in the house knowing that my mother had sons, men, who would beat his ass if he acted up. What I am trying to say is I am glad this nigga was dropped and I hope that more people are convicted. I can’t believe some of you are saying it’s hard to see who is right or wrong are you kidding me? This man hit that woman so hard she could barely get up and you are trying to figure out who is right? No man has the right to put hands on a female, NO MAN! Do you know how many times my sisters attacked me? I could have beat their asses blind but I always pushed them off and ran way. Hearing a gay man trying to side with who is right or wrong is even more disgusting. Some of yall have deeper issues than you think. Shoutout to Jamari though I love your site, you’re amazing dude. Oh also lesbians have the most domestic violent issues, these butches are just like the football players, fucking brutes I tell you!

  3. Dean I went through the same thing. My mom also forgave him but I haven’t. I still get angry thinking about it today. I haven’t forgiven him and don’t think I ever will.

    1. Zen Buddha, yes, I think that you and I and other children in these situations have difficulty forgiving fathers because while our mothers have the maturity to forgive, we as adults still see the woman that feed us and took care of us when sick and that loved us in so many ways brutalized. That is, we still see it from a child’s eye even years later. And when we think of it, we relive the trauma and the helplessness that we experienced as children.

      Men who do such things should understand that when they hit the mother, they are inflicting pain on their children too and for many years to come. God Bless You.

  4. I watched the video. It’s interesting. To see who is right and who is wrong, it must be studied frame by frame. 1. My cursory view appears to show her hitting at him before they got on the elevator. She appears to have missed hitting him then. 2. And then once they got on the elevator, he appears to shove her and 3. she then hit back at him and had some glancing blow of blows on him. 4. He then went to the other side of the elevator and 5. She lunged at him attempting to hit him and 5. He connected to her head and knocked her out. The law does not allow retaliation and self defense only to the extent necessary to overcome the violence/force exerted. (You can’t shoot someone normally if they are attacking you with their fists–but the killer of Trayvon Martin notwithstanding). Putting this all together, he may have had a claim of self-defense but for the excessive force that he used on her. Therefore, he probably committed a crime. Hence his plea deal with the prosecutors.

    Now he’s been fired by the Ravens. They likely fired him because they didn’t want to take the heat that would be/was prompted by the video. The Ravens are well within their rights to do so. I suspect that he’s undergoing counseling as part of the plea deal and also that his wife and child are not benefited by his being unemployed.

    Now to the personal: I am a victim of spousal abuse. How so? As a child, I witnessed my beautiful and loving mother being physically attacked by my father and that’s painful for a child to witness and even painful for me to think of years later. My mother and father passed away many years ago. That being the case, my mother forgave my father for his transgressions and she taught me how to forgive. For that, I will be forever thankful to her. (Although I don’t think that I ever can or will forgive him for what he did to my mother.) Those are my current thoughts.

      1. Thank you, Jamari. I miss my mother very much every day, although she passed away 18 years ago. To those who still have their mothers, I suggest that you give her flowers while she is still alive.

        I was a good son to my mother and I know that she felt that I was a good son to her but if I had to do it over, I’d spend more time with her to bask in the glow of her love and to give her more love and more time. Like many children, I got wrapped up–perhaps too wrapped up–in my career and other aspects of my life that I didn’t share enough of myself with my mother. (I lived about 800 miles away from her.) She gave me the greatest gift for which I will forever be thankful: She shared her life with me. Maybe I thought that she’d always be there but now she’s gone.

        So, again to those who still have their mothers: Love them, cherish them. Share your life with them. They will not be around forever.

    1. He probably committed a crime? Are you serious? Probably?
      Did she provoke him by swinging and missing? GMAFB

      1. Y Colette, yes that’s what I wrote. And I’m sticking to it. Don’t forget that I’m train in law (I have a JD degree) and I was wearing my dispassionate lawyer hat when I made that statement. I was not wearing the hat of a child that witnessed his mother being abused.

        Now, in terms of being dispassionate and lawyer-like, with regards to the killing of Mike Brown in Ferguson, MO, just yesterday I told a friend that it from what I know and what I’ve heard with regard to witness interviews (not testimony), it appears that the policeman that killed Mike Brown is guilty of a crime. My friend kept on telling me that it was murder. That may be true but I told my friend that I want the policeman to be afforded due process as I would any black man accused of murder.

        So don’t think that I’m not sympathetic with her. (I never blamed my mother one bit for being hit by my father.) I am trained to do and often do legal analysis on such situations. That he committed a crime is pretty much settled by the plea bargain–which is a conviction.

        And if you read my writings here, my legal training and experience shows. I usually like to use words like “seems”, “appears”, “probably” and “possibly”. I like to weigh the evidence–all the evidence. I resist jumping to conclusions.

    2. So straight black men don’t defend their women and now gay black men don’t as well? If this woman was white, that black man would be on the way to be hung and everyone would have turned on him. Why do men hate black women so much?

      1. That’s not true. Most black straight and gay men defend black women. Don’t believe the media. A man hits a woman a dude is gonna jump in. White women get abused too so don’t believe the hype. Them tired ass white dudes are just as bad as these black dudes. They shit is just hidden. Research Melody you’ll find some shocking shit that gets swept under the rug for all athletes especially white ones. Enjoy the rest of your week

  5. I think it’s fair. Notice how calm he was after knocking her out. Most men would be shocked. That was definitely not his first time doing that. Now we know why he wouldn’t tell us what happened beforehand. Good riddance. Teach these players we’re not gonna tolerate messy behavior anymore. Now they can start acting like professionals for once in their careers. Hopefully they’ll think next time they go sexing random women. Especially considering the fact that most of these dudes have dicks that could kill.

  6. The new rules had nothing to do with the decision by the league on the suspension. Nothing at all. Ray McDonald will be the first example for the new rules set in place, but he’s not the topic here. Roger Goodell fucked up with this Rice situation and he knows this. There is no way around Goodell’s wrongdoing with the way he handled things, which is why Ray has been suspended indefinitely, and probably the rest of the season. After the initial two game suspension was handled out to Rice in July, Goodell said that he reviewed all of the facts and the decision was based off of those facts, which raises eyebrows because people believe that he watched the video released to the public today when he suspended Ray the first time. People want Goodell out of there right now. He suspended Josh Gordon a year for weed use, but another player knocks his fiancee unconscious and he only gets a two game suspension. That is unbelievable. Come on dude.

    Ravens cut him because they did not see this video, so they claim, and it would have been a bad move for him to still play on the team. The backlash would have been tremendous, and their fan base would have suffered.

    1. ^excellent breakdown man!
      i agree.
      i highly doubt that they didn’t see the footage inside the elevator before this.
      if not,
      they did a very half assed job of investigating.

    2. I also believe the new rules should be adjusted to a zero tolerance policy period. Here’s why. If this was under the new rules in place, would six games be enough for a dude who knocked someone unconscious? I’d say no. What if a player beats his woman black and blue? The severity will come into play when this happens again. Goodell is going to have to adjust the rules to a zero tolerance policy to protect himself.

      In all honesty, I believe the first offense six game suspension was to protect franchise players(stars) so the game will not be impacted if a knucklehead slips up. Think about it. It has been assumed that once players get the six game suspension, they will never do it again.

    3. The Ravens Owner and the NFL had not seen today’s video. The original video was the only one released by the casino. The entire video was screen shot saved by a security employee to his cell before it disappeared.

      The question is ….. Why did the casino destroy the evidence. Did someone in the Ravens organization pay them off?

  7. I hope she is real careful now. Because Rice is broke and stressed and probably blaming her for the mess he is in. Unless he gets help, he will hit her again. If I was his manager, and he was really sincere and contrite, I would advise him to take an anger management and domestic abuse class and become a spokesman for how to overcome using violence in a relationship. That’s one way he could redeem himself and eventually get back to playing football.

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