Dwyane Wade’s Lip Gloss Is Poppin?

10661013_830839676960216_173085324_n…excuse me?
is this real?
an f-bi just sent me this and i gasped.
like literally gasped out loud.
why does dwyane wade look like a gay lion hunter?
did gabrielle union approve this outfit?
is this a photoshop?
did his phone get hacked?
is he having a nervous breakdown?
i have a ton of questions…

lowkey: he always like to push the boundaries of style…
and it ALWAYS comes off looking awkward and forced.Blair-6x03-blair-waldorf-32554473-200-200dwyane i’d love to help because baby boy you need it.

16 thoughts on “Dwyane Wade’s Lip Gloss Is Poppin?

  1. Never saw what ya’ll see in this kat. So not my type…and he’s just not cute. AT ALL!! LOL
    I don’t even care for Lebron…but I’d take him over Dwayne.

    1. Both Dwayne and Lebron are not attractive at all to me.

      They could be stretched out on the bed and I wouldn’t be interested.

      I’d raid their shoe closets though.

      Now CP3 and Westbrook are a different story. Lol

  2. Those are dick sucking lips. Dwyane is letting his fellow players know that his throat is warmed up and ready.

    “His lip gloss is poppin, his lip gloss is cool, all the boys keep jockin, they chase him after school.” Sorry, had to. Now that song is stuck in my head.

  3. My first impression in looking at the picture was: Pimp. Does he drive a Cadillac and have a bunch of rings on his fingers?

      1. My first comment? I didn’t need to know that you can see what we are typing lol. Well, I will be typing my comments from word from now on lol.

      1. I hope this isn’t the case tho, but you may need more people on this one. I do know that blog owners see things we don’t. However, seeing our comments before we submit them would make me unconformable, especially since I have been a loyal l reader of yours for nearly three years.

        1. ^well you have nothing to worry about because I can’t.
          I was laughing at the all caps “ROTFLMAO”.

          ETA: And if after three years you can’t see that I’m an honest person,
          then that insults me man.

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