The Love I Have For My Baby Ray Rice

ray-rice-muscleoh nooooo.
not me…

it looks like ray rice has the strong arm on his wife,

janay palmer.
she loves her wolf long time.
so janay woke up and decided to speak her mind on instagram.
this is what she had to font for her statement…







tumblr_mzat68xNz41rfduvxo1_500show the world what true love is?
i think she woke up and realized she was about to be broke.

its clear she is suffering from “battered woman syndrome”.
as much as we can all judge,
most people who are abused go back to their abusers.
something about thinking “a broken jaw” means “baby i love you”.
when i read that her own father was allegedly defending ray,
i already saw what this was all about.
largei think you all know as well.

lowkey: now even though this happened back in february,
should this even still be an issue if she married him?
maybe she is over it?
she obviously doesn’t care anymore so why should we?
playing devil’s advocate...
this jackal could blame her,
which could escalate into more violence…

picture taken: instagram

11 thoughts on “The Love I Have For My Baby Ray Rice

  1. Action should be taken even if she doesn’t appear to care about her own well-being and the effects this type of relationship has on her child.

    Bottom line is he gets paid millions of dollars and represents the NFL and his team. By not reprimanding him, the NFL is basically condoning what he is doing.

    I think new rules like this are for the greater good because it’s going to force some of these players that live very dysfunctional lives to get their house in order because it does affect how they play on the field and the NFL wants a return on their multi-million dollar investment.

  2. You do know he going to kill her eventually? All abusive relationship all end up in death if the person keep staying. My mom was in an abusive relationship with her father, he would beat her until her flesh was reveal and she would have red, puffy bubbles with pus on her skin. He would laugh everytime he hit her and I don’t know why he hate her. But she thank God that she left or was kick out because she probably wouldn’t be alive today, but I wish she was able to say goodbye to her mother before she died from cancer because the moment she step out of that door that was the last time she saw her mom. And her son of bitch father didn’t allow her to say her final goodbyes to her mom. I wish Ray Rice wife would wake up because she has a chance to get out and survive because some people aren’t lucky to get out until it too late.

  3. Wow, I feel for her, and him. They were trying to put this episode in the past and move on. Misguided or not. Outside forces pushed the issue and have no right to push their agenda or make them the poster children for domestic violence. He is going through the court system. The league already sanctioned him. Whoever leaked the video did so with the intentions of embarrasing the NFL into firing Ray Rice. That’s not right. He was dead wrong, but they ain’t right.

  4. expected…..stand by her man…SMH…this woman has once again proven that for some women unless the man beats her, he does not love her. I wonder if she was in the hospital or have a more serious injury if she would have stood by her man? I am a man and frankly care less about her mind games. She is so controlled she does not know who she stands for or represents. She for one does not speak for my sister or any woman who has died or suffered from assholes like Ray Rice. She should look in the mirror and say her statement one more time. Quite frankly I will not allow her ignorance or stupidity to tarnish the many women who has endured domestic violence. I pray the next time he hits her , i hope it will not be her last breathe she takes as i want her to repeat those words she said today and this time with her bleeding face , say those words…I LOVE YOU DESPITE THE PAIN ,BLOOD AND FEARS.

  5. Hitting her with the force he did was wrong. He could have killed her. If the NFL has a code of personal conduct, and he broke it, he deserves to be suspended for a while, and for more than the original 2 games. There are reports of the now Mrs. Rice spitting in Ray Rice’s face, and striking him. A physical response to that is understandable. Knocking your wife unconscious is still insane, but I don’t know many men or women who would take that lying down. No one should hit or spit on anyone. That being said, the conversation on domestic abuse is important. Ray Rice’s situation, as we understand it now, is not your classic mommy made daddy mad because she said something, or burnt his breakfast, and he broke her face story. Men still hit, and kill women in domestic relationships more than vice versa. I’m not even a personal fan of football or ray rice, he was wrong for punching her out. He’s not the same as that man who beats women to control them or bully them. At least we don’t know that yet.

  6. The Man said pretty much what I was gonna say. It’s all about the money. I do find it weird that they all of sudden decided to bring this up again when it was clear she got the shit knocked out of her because she was passed out before the elevator doors opened. What were they expecting the hit to be, a light push of her shoulder? I don’t think she’s suffering from battered woman’s syndrome at all. It’s clearly just the money. Like really girl, ain’t nobody trying to embarrass you. That’s why she said all of their happiness has been taken away. No more nights of them getting drunk and having public spats at hotels or wherever the fuck they were. Time to start saving and budgeting.

    Real talk, I wonder would they have come down on him this bad had he just told everyone what happened from the get go. He might’ve dodged a bullet had he told the truth instead of pussyfooting and sugarcoating the incident.

  7. Janay is a sorry excuse for a woman, and Ray is a sorry excuse for a man, let them stay right with each other.

    Yea this is about money for real. If he was a broke ass dude, she would have left with her bags packed. What dad supports a man who knocked his daughter unconscious? A money hungry one. They will not be broke for a minute. Janay, Ray, and both families know this. When Ray signed his extension in 2012, he was guaranteed 24 million I believe, so he will get that money over the next few years. Ravens took a financial hit, but it was all worth it.

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