The Return To That Place I Slave At

bartzzi woke up this morning and growled.
i literally growled.
it was that time again…

time for me to return back to the plantation.

thumbi woke up on time,
got dressed on time,
and as you probably guessed,
was out the door on time.
i tend to do things in theme.
on my way to work,
i saw so many people dressed to impressed.
all headed to various #nyfw events throughout the city.
i’m sure my face was looking absolutely thrilled at the sight.
bart-simpson-not-impressedwhen i got in,
i was greeted by a lot of happy people.
i got hugs,
and all kind of smiles.
people were telling me i was missed.
asking me what was wrong with me?
was i contagious?

did i have the ebola virus?

“liar liar was pissed because you called out.”

oh well.
when i got to my desk however,
i had a pile of work and folders left for me.
liar liar and thing 2 also called out at the same time.
lets just say i was doing everyone’s job today.
“welcome back jamari!”.

my boss came over to me and asked me how i was feeling.
she also asked if i had a doctor’s note to provide for these days off.
i told her that i didn’t have health insurance.
giphy…very quick save,
but she said i should have gone to the hospital.
either way,
i spent the day working and day dreaming about my career.
i even prayed a couple times that the universe bless me with a way in.
i imagined what it would be like to have my own schedule.
being able to get up and do what i wanted.
i met a lot of people like that at #nyfw.
people who told me they don’t know how i do it.
how could i sit at a desk as a creative person

“i have to pay bills and keep a roof over my head…”

i think they had forgotten that key component.
it will be me one day,
but as right now,
i have 30 more backed up folders to go.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “The Return To That Place I Slave At”

  1. Trust I know where you’re coming from.

    I work a shitty job that pays just enough crumbs to keep you there, except I stroll in that bitch late everyday and could care less about dressing to impress.

    To top it off I work overnight so I rarely sleep in my bed at night anymore and this sleep pattern has me on edge to say the least.

    All night I’m at work plotting how to get the fuck outta there. I’m thinking Doctorate program as of now.

    Baby steps though…lol

  2. I understand. That’s why every time it was my time to clock out and leave, I got my black ass up out of there quick. That’s why I always hated school. Taking up half my day and having to deal with a bunch of people(young and old) that I don’t care for, for hours. Remember, it won’t last forever. 😉

  3. Just keep thinking of your time at NYFW, how the work made you happy, how you met that snow wolf and how you were killing it there. Use that as your push to make that your life all the tim. Everyone at the plantation missed you cuz they know this is only a pit stop (a short one at that) until you are in your true calling. use that to get thru this work week.

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