j. august richards is having a “YES”

i like it when i see black gay couples take pics like ^this.
don’t get me wrong,
i lust pics like this too:

…but i love couples who dress up and show us living outside the bedroom.
it seems like love is in the air for many black gays these days.
folks are debuting new relations or revealing secret ones.
j. august richards is checking a new box in his relationship…

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Danry Vasquez Smacked Her Around Because He Loved Her

cute couple,
you’ll learn soon enough.
social media has this way of making you THINK everything is all good.
i’ve had friends post their “ain’t shit/good for nothings” with captions:

“NIGHT OUT WITH BAE *heart emoji*”


and my ultimate fav:


…and got mad dick/clit riders in the comments.
i’ve learned,
thanks to the foxhole and life,
that you never truly know what’s going on behind the scenes.
some of those “lovey dovey” pictures can hide true horrors.
so ^that picture above is danry vasquez,
a baseball baller jackal,
and his fiance.
a video was leaked from a ’16 incident in the whataburger field stadium stairwell.
this is what was released…
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Shad Moss Should Pay His Tithes Tomorrow


what is a way to hurt a wolf?
drop the “gay” bomb on his ass.
no seriously.
if you are an angry vixen,
the best way to destroy his reputation is to insinuate that he is gay.
then again,
you’re also destroying your own in the process.
no one likes the messy “hag”.
well that is what erica mena did to her ex-fiance,
shad moss.
bow wow for those who are slow.
these are the tweets compliments of mto
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Kellon Deryck is Gone (Everyone Say Goodbye)

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 11.21.35 PMyes foxhole,
it’s time to say “goodbye”.
kellon deryck is officially off the market.
thats right.
he gone!

a vix-bi sent me something the shade room posted and well…
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Michael Sam Is Now A Single Baller Wolf

overandonewell i guess this sheds some light on why he up and left canada for “personal reasons”.
soooooooooooo guess what everyone?
michael sam is single and ready to mingle.
thats right!
the snow fox and him are no more.
*spits on ground* patooey!
the forests were talking about the snow fox not wearing his engagement ring anymore.
also something about michael erasing all the snow fox’s pictures off his instagram.
yeah this is serious.
get into what “the daily mail” had to report…
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Delanie Walker’s Fiance Learned Yesterday (and Taught Us Something Today)

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 9.35.01 AMballer wolf of the tennessee titans,
delanie walker,
learned the hard way yesterday.

well he found out his fiance of 10 years,
racine lewin,
is an intentional spy.
we gonna get into that 10 years thing later.
not in the cool “action adventure” kind of way tho.
delanie learned his fiance can hack his instagram and post this…
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