Danry Vasquez Smacked Her Around Because He Loved Her

cute couple,
you’ll learn soon enough.
social media has this way of making you THINK everything is all good.
i’ve had friends post their “ain’t shit/good for nothings” with captions:

“NIGHT OUT WITH BAE *heart emoji*”


and my ultimate fav:


…and got mad dick/clit riders in the comments.
i’ve learned,
thanks to the foxhole and life,
that you never truly know what’s going on behind the scenes.
some of those “lovey dovey” pictures can hide true horrors.
so ^that picture above is danry vasquez,
a baseball baller jackal,
and his fiance.
a video was leaked from a ’16 incident in the whataburger field stadium stairwell.
this is what was released…


how kind to pick up her glasses after he smacked them off her face.
he even made sure he put them back on.

what a gentleman.
*/end sarcasm*
according to the story,
he was arrested for that assault…
…but the case was dismissed.
he paid a fine and took a class.
too bad none of that means shit in 2018 tho.
he was promptly dropped form his team,
the lancaster barnstormers,
a team he just got on in january of this year.
hopefully that vixen left him because he’ll blame her for this outcome.
if she didn’t leave,
i hope she took a class as well:

lowkey: you can tell,
by her reactions,
that he beats her often.

article cc: the daily mail

15 thoughts on “Danry Vasquez Smacked Her Around Because He Loved Her

  1. This is a different woman.The woman he beat up in 2016,they broke up in 2016.Her name is Fabiana Perez.She did an interview with Univision and regrets not filing charges.She said she was afraid to.He met his current wife in 2017.

  2. As messed up as it is to say this but she’s pass the point of no return if she’s marrying him. The psychological and physical abuse he puts her through has brainwashed her into a state of mind where his beatings are ‘normal’ for her. The fact that this happened in 2016 solidifies this. Exactly why I’m fine with being by myself if this is what people are doing to stay in relationships. This is legit scary.

  3. I’ve seen a lot of domestic violence growing up. I mean I’m talking just too much. I learned and seen myself the fact that child witnesses are highly likely to get in a DV relationship when they get older.

    Out of everything I’ve seen.. I just haven’t seen this. I’ve never seen a man beat a woman, that’s not fighting back in any way, then hiding it afterwards. Hiding it shows that even in his “anger” he could rationale fine. He’s plotting ways to harm her and not blinded by hurt/rage. Sadly I’ve also seen that most abusees won’t leave until there is a life-threatening moment.

    1. I saw a guy beating his girlfriend up while walking down the block once. I was on my way to class. He pushed her into some pushes at one point, and proceeded to wail on her. She was just screaming. I went back in the house and called the cops, gave them the block and description of the guy and girl, and went to class.

  4. Yes, he does beat her often, you are right Jamari. I was thinking that when I watched the video. She did not looked very shocked by his actions at all. You never know what is going on in another person’s relationship, hence the reason why no couple is my relationship goals.

  5. My favorite ones are the dudes that post pics of they girl and be talking about “She is my WCW”, “She is my queen”….lmao umm okay…Just post it all on Facebook baby…who you trying to convince?

    Also, you’d be amaze at how much this happens in the LGBT community. I’ve seen a dude get beat by his boyfriend who pulled his hair and talked down on him, punched him…I saw it in action one day. I prayed for that boy that day to get out.

    Hope he still doing good today.

    1. ^its much worse between two males.
      i remember this one incident where this jackal beat a fox i met in his torso so it wouldn’t leave marks.
      he had broken ribs and all kinds of shit.
      his parents banished him so he moved in with this jackal.

      1. classic move to keep her.im sure people all up her DMs telling to leave him. as an abuser who wants to keep control he proves he loves her by proposing after the video leak

      2. They didn’t get married, although he proposed to her after she didn’t press charges. Slick move on his part, but gladly it didn’t come to pass.
        They broke up and he ended up marrying another chick.

  6. I will bet you anything she is still with him. If the case was dismissed and he paid a fine…she didn’t press charges.

    He knocked her for some loops. I really felt bad for her that no one was there to help her. Sadly, the camera caught everything…but he didn’t face the consequences. Thus, he will continue to do it to her and other females he’s dating/fucking.

    I will say this much…dudes like that are the crazy type who think the woman/girl “belongs” to them. If the girl gets the strength to leave, or any of his women (he is a cutie) for that matter..he seems like the type to go after them violently to let them know he’s in “control”.

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