the 39-year-old who was sexin’ the 21-year-old stupid shows us how to embarrass him

as someone who lives for clout,
grayling purnell might have had a lapse of judgment recently.
( x we talked about him here )
a foxholer hit me with the alleged following and disturbing video.
it was grayling throwing it to his ex(?) young piece.
by “it”,
i mean the hallway

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when he has to use the belt to remind you who is in charge

the following entry is a trigger warning.
so we gotta learn when to walk away when we see the first red flag.
those signs,
in the beginning,
are not to be ignored because they often set the foundation.
i saw a video from twitter that i had to share with the foxhole rather than a retweet.
it was a jackal using a belt to get a vixen in line…

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abuse is trendy nowadays.

i’ve had some similar stuff said to me in my comment box.
you’d think i’d know the folks saying it personally.
i’ve peeped some come out of the shadows to cosign like i was in this scene:

in a world of dragging and reading,
this is per the norm on the internet.
the way some folks can send others death threats like it’s nothing…
so imagine

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you better stick with it baby

I know he gets a little angry but stick with it.
He hit you out of love.
He was tired.
Do you want to be alone out here?
It is a very lonely place.
stick with it.”

you aren’t playing the game.
You gotta play the game.
That is just how she is,
ya know.
You gotta think about the money and not your feelings.
You gotta stick with it so you can get hired.” – a real conversation I had.

“They are assholes but they got connections.
It’s not gonna be easy.
Try to be on their radar and make sure you speak to them.
Maybe even help them out with stuff.
Ya know,
show your loyalty.
Just deal with their shit and once you get put on,
you can move on.”

i was having a deep conversation with a friend earlier.
we legit talked for damn near 4 hours about various shit,
but i told them…

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wonder woman has the smoke for joss whedon too

i have such an issue with corporate america,
especially with how i was treated.
if you ever get a boss that was conceived from the pits of hell

Forget it.

they literally are supervillains who fight the justice league on a nightly basis.
joss whedon seems to be that individual.
there have been a few stories about his alleged nasty behavior on his sets,
especially from charisma carpenter who played “cordeila” on buffy.

( x  read it here )

sidebar: wasn’t cordeila everything on that show?
she was a feisty and entertaining bitch.
you know i love them.

she spoke up because ray fisher,
who played “cyborg” on justice league,
revealed how he was treated by joss whedon in 2020.

gal gadot,
who portrays “wonder woman” aside ray fisher on justice league,
has smoke for joss whedon too…

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is tony farmer gonna be fainting again in court soon?

*The following entry contains disturbing images.
Viewer discretion is strongly advised.

a hyena rarely changes its fur.
some are born to be psychopaths.
remember tony farmer?
he is a ( x high school baller wolf ) who was convicted of kidnapping his ex-girlfriend in ’12.
( x see story here )
he served 2 years for that crime.
he’s the star of this famous fainting gif from this video:

well he was released and seemed to have been doing well last i saw.


not really.
a foxholer sent me this ig page a couple minutes ago.
his ex,
seems to be painting him to be the star in these alleged videos from last summer…

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