is tony farmer gonna be fainting again in court soon?

*The following entry contains disturbing images.
Viewer discretion is strongly advised.

a hyena rarely changes its fur.
some are born to be psychopaths.
remember tony farmer?
he is a ( x high school baller wolf ) who was convicted of kidnapping his ex-girlfriend in ’12.
( x see story here )
he served 2 years for that crime.
he’s the star of this famous fainting gif from this video:

well he was released and seemed to have been doing well last i saw.


not really.
a foxholer sent me this ig page a couple minutes ago.
his ex,
seems to be painting him to be the star in these alleged videos from last summer…

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time to stop ryding so hard and get off on my own

abusive relationships can come in many forms.
just because they aren’t fucking you,
that doesn’t mean they aren’t abusive.
in the real forests,
people don’t care if you’re good or not.
they don’t care if you’re loyal or will fight in their honor.
how many tv shows/movies have shown “ryde or die” characters getting axed?
their “friend” got a bug in their ear and got rid of them,
only to find out that what was said wasn’t true.
watch out for those types who are easily influenced and can’t think for their own.
sooooooooo i did it again…

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they are so in love that they can’t keep their hands off each other

we all know people can be addicted to physical abuse in their relationships.
some see it as love when he/she pops you upside the head.
one of my male bffs is in a abusive relationship and he 110% likes it…

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abuse can go two ways

i want to font to you about abuse.
i’m sure a majority of us have been abused before.
you can tell by how some of us treat others.
either we become emphatic or end up like our abusers.
abuse isn’t always physical.
sometimes there isn’t a black eye or a broken bone.
there are many types of abuse,
but to narrow it down

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abuse me, job daddy


getting a job is hard enough as it is.
it’s all unnecessary stress,

a resume has to have “certain keywords” in order to be picked
looking for a job is like a full-time job
you may have to go through 5 interviews plus a speed round

after 2 years of interviewing,
you finally land on a job that hopefully pays well.
it’s not until after the initial training honeymoon phase…

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did aaron hernandez father secretly ruin him?

some of the older generations really ruined some of us.
i’m talking generation x and the baby boomers.
gay or straight.
i don’t know how some of them were raised,
but they definitely took their issues out on us.
it’s obvious how some are try to reclaim their youth.
it becomes a dangerous cycle,
through millennials and generation z,
until someone decides to stop.
unfortunately ex nfl baller jackal,
aaron hernandez,
decided to stop by killing himself.

new reports have taken a deeper look into his childhood.
one that was riddled with abuse and molestation.
this will be a two part entry.
it all seemed to allegedly start when his father passed in 2007,
the same year he took ^that yearbook picture,
but it seems his life was pure hell before that via “the daily mail”
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