the 39-year-old who was sexin’ the 21-year-old stupid shows us how to embarrass him

as someone who lives for clout,
grayling purnell might have had a lapse of judgment recently.
( x we talked about him here )
a foxholer hit me with the alleged following and disturbing video.
it was grayling throwing it to his ex(?) young piece.
by “it”,
i mean the hallway

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“Now you’re about to be embarrassed.”
oh no grayling,
it’s you that should be embarrassed.
why was he even there with him again?
i thought his ex was “a liability“?
i don’t know the context of this video but this doesn’t look good.

If you ask someone to leave and they don’t,
you call the police.
That is what they are there for.
If they are being aggressive in your home,
you can fight back since they are on your property.

that young fox didn’t seem aggressive and he didn’t fight back either.
regardless of even if the young ex was,
your grown ass still won’t be the hero in this story.
this whole situation is messy and confirms my suspicions.

Graynell isn’t a good person and is a raging attentionisto,
which is what transpired in this live.

throwing him out in that matter makes him feel like he is in control.
dating these young foxes seems to be the only place he has that.
he has the money and the place to stay.
they don’t.
the tatts on their faces show his control over them as well.
i guess the hero to some has turned into the villain rather quickly.
these types haven’t met their match

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “the 39-year-old who was sexin’ the 21-year-old stupid shows us how to embarrass him”

    1. Whew, this 40 year old has issues. That was what? 1 week? How unstable. He’s already looking for someone naive to manipulate.

      I was young and dumb, but never to get a tat, LET ALONE ONE ON MY FACE!

      Talk about finding victims smfh!

  1. He clearly has issues, that’s why he is dating 19 and 20 yr olds. He couldn’t date age appropriate if someone paid him to.

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