the 39-year-old who was sexin’ the 21-year-old stupid are no more

i love a good update on a once-happy couple no more.
grayling purnell and his ex,
are no more.
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a foxholer sent me a video of grayling explaining why

“He wasn’t proactive,
He didn’t handle money well and wasn’t an asset.
He was a liability.”

so in other words,

he was young af and after the sex got boring,
grayling realized he was becoming a full-time daddy.
isn’t this his second break-up with someone young that tatted their face too?

as usual,
those of us in the foxhole saw this coming.
others saw designer clothes,
an onlyfans subscription,
and a hero to justify secret likes and desires.
a month of sex videos,
tattoos on a face,
and one baecation is not #relationshipgoals.

enjoy these social media situations for what they are

Not what we want them to be.

..oh and to my young foxes out there,
let this be an example for you to learn from.
some older wolves will try to control you and the narrative.
they prey on your innocence and naivety.
a good dick down and money isn’t gonna lead to a husband.
it may not even lead to them helping you with your career either.
stay woke.

lowkey: smart of him to make them sign ndas.
i hear lori harvey does the same.

19 thoughts on “the 39-year-old who was sexin’ the 21-year-old stupid are no more

  1. Something is off with this dude. A man who is about to be in his 40’s is dating teenagers and making them get his stupid name tattooed on their face. I’ve honestly had enough of weirdos like him proudly boasting about this shit. Nothing we say is going to make him change. Someone needs to put their hands on him.

  2. I have a lot of curse words that I want to call this tampon faced CUNT, Grayling, but I won’t.
    He is a foul spirited, satanic wide holed ass hole in the wall. What a rotten punk pussy block head sissy move this is, to do that child like that.
    And he seems so smug and satisfied with it all. WOW.

  3. Did hr get the tattoo on his but too or was that the one, Said, right before this Jai guy? AND APPARENTLY GRAYLING TAKES THEIR TWITTERS TOO, as you can see, same thing with Said.

    1. @AllTea Grayling got a tattoo, but it was behind one of his ears. And this guy was the 7th guy that got Grayling’s name tattooed on his face.

      1. I was going to say, there have been several who’ve gotten his name tattooed on their faces. Like WTF? I wish someone would warn young people, DO NOT DO THIS, especially when dealing with types like Grayling. I don’t know the man but he comes off as creepy and predatory. Just from the Twitter posts it was clearly nothing but constant drama with that little young light-skinned chile he was dating, Sean Saintt, he was dating for a while that I thought to myself, I hope Sean just walks out the door after one of their fights and never comes back. Instead he clearly was in love and kept coming back and got his face all tatted up and…now Grayling been checked out and onto the next ones. Meanwhile youngster still has that man’s name tatted on his face. Please, urge your friends to at least think twice about doing stuff like this!

  4. So he was mature enough to take criticism for dating a older man, he was mature and capable to put a grown man name across his face and surely was responsible enough to film enough content for the onlyfans and now he just… didn’t work out! He is the reason why young guys are mentally fucked up and can’t deal with real relationships. They do everything right in the relationship for their mentality and experience at their age. What does a guy fresh out of high school know about paying a mortgage and dealing with bills. The only bill they have is a cell phone bill if they even have that! So now they are fucked up because what they were doing right, wasn’t good enough for him. Now the next man they date missed out on what he did do right because its programmed that no matter what he does, its not enough. So thank you for fucking up another individual mental state regarding relationships. You know how hard it is trying to prove that no matter what you do, you are enough. The only thing that guy was good enough for was creating content in his eyes.

    1. ^for him to say he wasn’t an asset and a liability…
      at his age was really messed up tbh.
      if he was really into him,
      he could have taught him the game.
      it seemed like he was using him like a human blow-up doll.

  5. Imagine tatting someone’s name on your face and not having a contract of lifetime payments for advertising them.

    Like…what will he do now? Cover it up with…

    and that guy is a predator.

    Wasn’t mature..but now with someone younger?

    Whew chillay.

    Gay men feigning being mentors while preying on younger abandoned gays is disgusting.

  6. You used the word WOKE. Well that word is such a bad word for the conservative MAGA crowd
    But frankly being WOKE is clearly for older people as GenZ still consciously or unconsciously, live in a fantasy world created by Social media where everyone and everything is pretty, expensive and tasty, all cloaked in designer clothes. Oh how stupid they are.

  7. I think we as a community need to talk about something. I am seeing something in alot of us that is puzzling and disturbing at the same time. Why does it seemed like that so many gay men are being put in the same position by more dominate gay men, that dominate straight men put women in? I mean “we are both men”, but a lot of these toxic dominate want some kind of extreme control over those of us that are younger, naive or even more docile! I think this situation is another example of that control! This “Grayling” character used this boy, talked him into getting his name tatted on this face and disposed of him once he got bored with the submission that this young man gave up (AFTER A MONTH). This is not masculine or famine thing it’s “Narcissistic Domination” that needs to be called out!!! He is doing the same thing straight men do when the get a young girl, these types of men get them to control them. Why aren’t more of us talking about this weird behavior???? Jamari what you think am I reading to much into it?

    1. This is what I was about to post about
      When I was younger like 16/17 men had their own place to stay as adults or paid bills I think when the economy crashed in 2008 it made it acceptable to be taken care of . It became an aspiration to be a housewife or a baby mama bc of social media now men are trying to be an influencer and if it works, go ahead . But why y’all on Grindr asking for generous men ????? This is why they beating y’all asses and kicking you out bc they hold the power when you don’t comply

    2. ^no,
      i think you are totally on point.
      i didn’t vibe with this when i saw 2 young foxes tatted their name on their faces.
      that screamed something was off.

      i’m gonna look up narc domination.
      thanks for posting this.

      1. I mean I just think in a lot of ways we have somewhat started to mirror straight society. A lot these toxic behaviors have found there way into the community. We just don’t need those type of predatory behavior especially since they think we creeps anyway. And it’s not about how they see us, this type of shit is extremely toxic & abusive in any space….

        1. ^i agree.

          the break up reasoning was really messed up to me.
          did he ask people what they thought before he told that interviewer that response?
          if he said it didn’t work out then whatever.
          to imply maturity and he was a liability…

          he is 21! lol

          1. What? This, unfortunately, is the type of sht that makes mofos wana stay hidden waaaay in the back of the closet. Ppl w sense don’t want to be associated w shit THIS ridiculous. WE know this isn’t a summation of us as a whole, but this is the type of dumb shit we’re constantly seeing w black gays attached to it. Wtf is this Grayling, and why are ppl signing NDAs to date him??? And face tattoos of his name?

            And @mysonne, its that gay obsession w heteronormativity. As clear as it is that ‘WE’RE TWO MEN’, there’s this obsession many gays have w wanting a man to treat them the way their homegirls get treated. Who’s gonna be ‘the man’ if everyone is ‘the girl’?!?!! Doesn’t even make sense. If they could sit tf down somewhere and see that they can both be ‘the men’ to and for each other, maybe ridiculous shit like the story above wouldn’t be so pathetically prevalent.

  8. That young man JUST graduated from high school. What was he expecting? For ANYONE to date Grayling at this point, I have to believe that they are mentally ill. He has major issues.

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