the 39-year-old who is sexin’ the 21-year-old stupid (age ain’t nothing but a…?)

numerous foxholers have been sending me ^this story.
its about grayling,
who is 39,
and his relationship with a fresh  18-year-old 21-year-old,
these two can’t keep their paws off each other:


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i have been getting asked to give my take on it.

many of us at 18 and younger messed with older wolves coming up.
those older wolves were like sexual naplam to us.
they were more experienced than the males our age.
we wanted to be grown and we got what we were looking for.
when i went researching more on this story:

Grayling has been smashin’ the brains out of this young fox.

i mean,
they been sexin’ everywhere and for the world to see.
so much so,
the young fox got grayling’s name tatted on his face.
you know the penis is good when you get the owner tatted on your bawdy.


i wanna say this is wild crazy,
and i’m getting full pause,
but can we judge?

we didn’t judge when it came to actual celebs.
from what i’ve seen throughout the years (allegedly for some):

Cher at 76 and her new 36-year-old wolf who dated Amber Rose
Madonna at 64 and her legion of young 20-something boy toys
Jlo at 42 was getting her back blown out by a 26-year-old Casper
Jada Pinkett at 43 used August Alsina’s 22-year-old pole as a pogo stick

people applauded these vixens for getting these young tenders.
they had all kinds of mature vixens trying to sample some young meat.

in an uno reverse,
sydney sweeney
from euphoria is 24 and engaged to a 37-year-old.
not to mention a 54-year-old marc anthony and his 23-year-old fiance.
celebrity males been doing this since the hollywood sign was constructed.
times have changed and age ain’t nothing but a number,
but i will font about grayling and jairee:

This doesn’t seem like a relationship to me.
This seems like two people who just like sex.
One that is older and enjoying his control over a fresh 18-year-old 21-year-old.

…but i could be wrong.
this could be #relationshipgoals for some of ya’ll.
if jairee was in his mid-20s it would be one thing…

But this fox is a fresh 18 21 years old.

he JUST graduated high school in 2019.


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that’s the part that is out of control.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

28 thoughts on “the 39-year-old who is sexin’ the 21-year-old stupid (age ain’t nothing but a…?)”

  1. This man is a whole preditor, the boy and yes I said boy isn’t even legal to drink. Lie as a 39 year old what do you have in common with someone who barely left school? Ewww

  2. It’s ironic because I was about to ask you did you remember that time when Rhyheim the porn actor was talking to a 15 yr old social media influencer on social media. Just like in this story I find it cringe. Folks who mess with extremely young and vulnerable people are predators, regardless of gender or socioeconomic status. Almost 40 having sex with someone that could be your Son. Also mentally the conversations wouldn’t be interesting.

    1. ^ i remember what i was like at 18.
      i wanted to appear grown but i was still a kid.
      this is why a wolf i met in my teens and i didn’t work out.
      we weren’t not mentally compatible or mature to even understand our feelings.

      18 is way too young to be with a 40 year old.

  3. Did he graduate high school early?. The sash says 2019. Assume he was 18 in May/June 2019 – that would make him 21. Still too young for a nearly 40yo man with no assets.

  4. I get it, they look happy, let them be happy. There is a lot to learn from a older man if you’re open to be tutored, not just sex. The flame may continue unabated or maybe it will burnish, but to each his own. I pray they are both mentally stable and can part peacefully should it not work out.

    1. It is wrong to sleep with one’s therapist.

      With that logic, you don’t sleep with someone mentoring you.

      Too many “older” say they’re mentoring someone, yet sexing them to manipulate and mold them to their liking and they lose their identity.

      You cannot with a clear mind learn about life from someone who is sleeping with you. You can learn about love and a relationship, but there are certain lines that shouldn’t be crossed.

  5. What am I missing here. If the boy is 18 year old and they other guys 39 year old. Why is this such an issue. It’s not like boy 17 or 16.

    1. You aren’t missing anything, people are just projecting their own discomfort of the situation onto these people. At the end of the day it’s two adults making their own choices about what to do with their time and bodies.

        1. You are so right! Ya know what it is people are obsessed with virtue signaling and moral posturing. Not to mention people love to inject moralism into every situation not everything is a one size fits all kinda thing. The boy is 21 years old and last time I checked that’s not a child so I say let them be happy cause life way too short.

    2. You ain’t miss nothing. It’s called jealousy and projection. Two adults should be able to do adult things. No laws broken. Just broken jealous men trying to project their own relationship failures on these two. The same jealous queens who ain’t got no one in their present or future checking for them. I’ve never dated anyone my age because many of them was still trying to be children as adults. They relished in being an “adult” but also loved that everyone treated them as if they were innocent, naive, child like victims when they did cruddy stuff. None of my friends my age are in relationships. Just bouncing from bed to bed. I feel for them but uh that wasn’t what I wanted. Some young men desire a partner who is stable and has learned a great deal from life. Someone who knows what they desire from life. We all mature at different rates. If you find someone “grown” who makes you happy and you feel secure and comfortable, go for it. I don’t know how you can mold or groom a grown axx man but go off on that theory if you want. All I see is two legally consenting adults exploring life with each other.

  6. Whatever, he is grown. He is old enough to join the military and die for his country, he is old enough to decide who he wants to be inside him.
    21 is young, but it is old enough to make adult choices, like rent, and work, and blah blah blah. I don’t like people infantalizing young adults. He has agency and the right to make his own decisions (even if they aren’t the bests one).

  7. I can’t hate. The older guy looks pretty darn good for 39. And sorry, but I don’t see anything special about the young guy; he is light skin and younger.

    I liked older guys when I was young, and I didn’t have daddy issues. There was something masculine about them that guys my age didn’t bring.

  8. Normally I’d mind my business, but getting his name tatted on his face, indicates that this boy was likely groomed and mentally manipulated. It also sets him up to not find employment when this guy trades him in for a younger model and to financially depend on him.

    If there was any time for family and friends to step in, it’s now. The 39 year old gives me abusive tendencies and needs his behind beat.

      1. 4 days? That alone signals there maybe a mental issue and the older guy is controlling him especially if he did not get a tattoo on his face.

      2. I
        Didn’t know about the tattoo four days after meeting. I wonder is there a verifiable source that could clue us in on the young man’s mental acuity? Is he or was he a Special Ed student or no?

  9. Grayling comes off as such a perv/pedo. I feel like he preys on younger males to take advantage and as a fetish, ugh.

  10. Come on now yall, we have seen this before. Remember when the basketball player was dating a old whyt man. Look at Calvin Klein. These internet relationships last a good 5 years, tops! Look at Devin and Vinny, I mean Vinny and Jah, I mean Vinny and Shawn, I mean— of who gives a damn with Vinny. Vinny owns the most popular hot spot and has an onlyfans showing his feet, sucking Shawn off in the shower, I mean, didn’t we see this with King Agu and his boyfriend. Grayling was dating Sean Saint on twitter and now that he has a new boy toy, its a problem.

    The problem lies with putting on a show for the internet and then ending up like AtlTayh and Gutta. Gutta defended him to the day, even counting down the days. Did a lil Tik Tok with Fame and the next thing you know, AtlTayh got his cellmate all on his TikTok. Two weeks later, they busting one together in the cell! Gutta responds by getting with a friend he has known for a min. These boys want the clout and they will let any man that has a following enable them to be like that. Grayling and this boy fucking like crazy, let them have their moment because if it was a problem, with Elon running Twitter its easy to quiet all the noise and have his account suspended. You won’t stop his bag but at least you can send a message, keep your relationship private. But we all know that won’t happen because of two things: “that’s none of your fucking business” and “I’m grown as fuck, I can do what I wanna do”.

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