pastor dwayne dawkins went from being outed to…

when we live our lives in secret,
and we are outed,
i feel like it’s the Universe putting us to the test.

Do we take our own lives?
Do we pretend it never happened?
Do we deny, deny, deny?

our answers depend on our personal strength levels.
we know life is going to change,
whether we like it or not.
pastor dwayne dawkins,
who was ( x famously outed on someone’s ig ),
has emerged from the shadows.
he went on larry reid live to discuss the aftermath of the outing…


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quick tl;dr:

He wanted to take his own life
He chose to stay for his sons
He was banished from his church and circle
He teaches and does side hustles

my take,
like any other males in this predicament,
dwayne was never gonna be truly happy married to a vixen.
it is cute for the first couple of years but once that itch starts

i know church males who are with vixens and sneak around with males.
its the nature of that environment or what i like to say:

“What they are supposed to do.”

the biggest take is he decided to keep on living.
regardless of how the outcome ended,
there is always a new beginning taking shape.
he doesn’t have to hide his phone,
figure out creative ways to “leave” at certain times,
and he can release his sexual desires without feeling shame.
if people leave our lives because we have to live our truths

Do we really need iffy people in our lives anyway?

i want soldiers who are gonna stand by my side.
i don’t need weak bitches.
kudos to the new pastor dwayne dawkins.

lowkey: the jackal who outed him is still trash tho.
he needs to be brought forth for foxhole punishment.

13 thoughts on “pastor dwayne dawkins went from being outed to…

  1. Y’all are doing the most.

    He was MARRIED.

    Didn’t his wife have a right to know her husband was risking her sexual health with potential diseases?
    Didn’t his wife have a right to know he was going against Christianity, being a pastor, a HUSBAND?

    I am all for the outing of married/in relationship DL men.

    I do not give 1 flying fvck about them being suicidal. Why? Because in school, work, church, neighborhood, instead of leaving guys with effeminate traits alone, they bully them into potential suicide or becoming violent domestic abusers toxic masculine stereotypes who make it hell for everyone.

    These are the same angry mofos that kill each other in the streets because they cannot deal with their “demons”.

    The fewer of them we have the better.

    Look at the straight Black men we have.
    Podcasts about being alpha and high value, having nothing in their name.
    Asking women what they bring to the table instead of being a provider.
    Disrespecting Black women for white women.
    Leaving white women single mothers, despite uplifting them.
    High rates of killing Black women simply for rejecting them.
    Cvcking for white men and not establishing generational wealth/circling of wealth within the Black community (Kanye for Trump, Diddy for Elon Musk).

    But the gays are setting the Black community back, right?

  2. There
    Is no way I would have told anybody about that man. He is smart, intellectual and is a major catch. In addition to that, he made love to that punk, he didn’t just sex him. The wife is the deal breaker though: I couldn’t at the age I am now, co-sign being sexed by a married Pastor.

    1. And this statement that you just made is why we stay in the “Unhealthy Dark Ages”! I understand “Discretion”, but I am not laying up under any person that is living a utter lie. Him and that deceit can move right along. If you with somebody that is in a closet you shall remain in that closet with them even if you have left you one.

  3. I believe if he had committed adultery with a woman he would still be the pastor of his church, even if there was a sex tape.Almost every month I read about some pastor admitting to cheating on his wife.He goes on a break for a month or two and is back in the pulpit, business as usual.

    Just like he said in the video if had an heterosexual sexual encounter he would have been treated differently.So it’s not just about adultery.The pulpits are full of adulterers like Pastor Jamal Bryant( who has also fathered kids out wedlock) like Pastor John Gray who has also admitted cheated on his wife multiple times while preaching about adultery.

    Most of the time all is forgiven by the church members and church leaders.
    Double standards

    Pastor Dawkins mentioned he moved to Atlanta I wonder if his family moved with him?

    1. You’re absolutely right I went to a church where the pastor was a grandmother her daughter as well as granddaughter all had children as teenagers but the only thing she was concerned about was her gay grandson

  4. The real issue is that he’s an adulterer. Everything else would not be a factor if he weren’t a cheater.


      i wonder if this is an issue if karma then?
      he got his karma,
      as they all do when they doing dirt.

      spreading hate but spreading cheeks on the side 😹

  5. Wow. I admire him for walking straight into his truth/ “Den of Wolves”.

    Admirable job of communicating and choosing his words . I have never ,ever witnessed a Church, (Black, White )Synagogue etc. handle such a subject in this manner.

    I personally changed my view after hearing him out . I am very interested on how this plays out. This is really powerful my brothers!

  6. As usual there are some of us who are lower than a slug. Tell me what pleasures he got from outing the pastor or hi himself for that matter? Some of us are sick, sycophants that need mental help. We seem to lack self discipline and self love and so when we happen to copulate with anyone, it sends a thrill to the head and we have to share it telling society- SEE, I AM LOVED!

    Who gives a shit? What could have egged you to want to out someone? So now you have succeeded , now what? I really have to time or sympathy for people like those and when you hear of their demise, you cant help but say they deserve it.

    More power to the brother for rethinking his demise. No one’s worth it. He lives with the strange , hypocritical convictions of preaching from a book written when homophobia was rampant and yet very much visible and present in society and practiced by many I might add and happen to lean towards the same practice he preaches against. So I feel his pain. But life is good and from the ashes he must rise like a phoenix. someone once said heterosexuality is not normal, it’s just common. Well Today I can say as well, sexuality is as wide as the sea. Homosexuality is as limiting as heterosexuality: the ideal should be to be capable of loving a woman or a man; a human being, without feeling fear, restraint, or obligation. But I guess that is asking too much of society.

    1. ^ i think that is the important part to understand.
      that man could have taken his life over this.
      regardless if he was sloppy,
      he didn’t do anything destructive to anyone else.
      i think he got caught up in the sex and pleasure and had a lapse of judgment.

      many people have taken their own lives after being outed after sharing a private moment.
      i mean,
      he was on the summer jam screen with this LOL
      we have to give people grace even if we don’t understand.

  7. Jamari he didn’t out him that’s a whole onlyfans performer OF since the pandemic requires you to tag or verify costars

    and he was being verbal and talking back confidently with no mask on. in a sick way I think subconsciously the thrill of being caught or knowin he was recording turned him on

    I think he just had post nut clarity after realizing he would soon have the video hit the net and decided it was best to tell his wife

    1. ^ males need to understand pst nut clarity.
      it has made males who messed with dudes 1 time come to their senses.
      they’ll ghost and once they horny,
      they’ll be back.

      i just don’t understand why a pastor would allow someone to film him?
      for his pleasure?

      that sounds crazy.

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