pastor dwayne dawkins went from being outed to…

when we live our lives in secret,
and we are outed,
i feel like it’s the Universe putting us to the test.

Do we take our own lives?
Do we pretend it never happened?
Do we deny, deny, deny?

our answers depend on our personal strength levels.
we know life is going to change,
whether we like it or not.
pastor dwayne dawkins,
who was ( x famously outed on someone’s ig ),
has emerged from the shadows.
he went on larry reid live to discuss the aftermath of the outing…

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my skin (care) is always at it’s worst when i’m pining over some toxic job or negro

i’ve noticed when i’m under extreme stress,
my skin takes a humongous turn for the worst.
i end up losing tremendous amounts of weight due to depression and anxiety.
my skin sags,
i break out,
and every line in my face becomes prominent.
i wasn’t born with perfect skin and it’s been an upward battle since my teens.
as of late,
especially during the rona,
i’ve been on my skincare game really heavy.
i wanted to share a “before and after” with the foxhole.
one of my bffs,
sent me a picture of when we went to the rihanna concert back in 2016.
this was during a stressful job and “the work wolf era” when it got bad…
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The Day After

tumblr_mhax4yDI6S1qb30dwo1_500i was a little worried today.
after the big revelation yesterday,
i didn’t know how work wolf would treat me.
its one thing for someone to think something,
its another for you to confirm it.
its like telling your parents you are gay.
they could say “well we always thought so”,
but then suddenly they switch up and start acting different.
it could go really bad,
really good,
or stay the same.
well when i got into work,
he was sort of distant.
thats when i started to get worried…
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f0xasks: Would You RIDE This?

well a different kind of ride….
an f-bi sent me something asking me if i would hop on and ride it for 5 minutes?

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