The Day After

tumblr_mhax4yDI6S1qb30dwo1_500i was a little worried today.
after the big revelation yesterday,
i didn’t know how work wolf would treat me.
its one thing for someone to think something,
its another for you to confirm it.
its like telling your parents you are gay.
they could say “well we always thought so”,
but then suddenly they switch up and start acting different.
it could go really bad,
really good,
or stay the same.
well when i got into work,
he was sort of distant.
thats when i started to get worried…

for the first half of the day,
i did not hear anything from him.
he passed by a few times,
but he didn’t say anything to me.
it made me instantly feel like i messed up.
i had all these questions in my head:

maybe i revealed myself too soon?
maybe he thought about it and wants to shun me now?
maybe he found his answer and is completely over it?

870541i tried to work,
but i also couldn’t stop thinking.
i’m a weirdo.
i know.
most days i wish i could turn it off.

“so you was lost today?”

that was the text i got close to lunch.

“well you was distant.
i thought you were having a bad day.”

“not at all.
i was just tired this morning.
so wassup?”

…and he pretty much texted me off and on.
we didn’t mention yesterday at all.
well i did thank him for being honest.

“what are friends for?”

emoji_blushi did notice he wanted to know more about me today.
he was asking me about my life and the future.
he said he better be there in my future.
so this is good.
we are good.
i want to keep it that way.

low-key: i have this nasty habit of thinking when people aren’t speaking to me,
or they aren’t like how they were the day before,
then i must have did something.
it causes me to back up and over think shit.
i don’t realize people have their own lives and own shit to deal with.
some days i don’t even want to be bothered,
but i’m honest and will say it out loud.
some people don’t have the same approach.
its a very self absorbed way of thinking.
i definitely need to stop that.

Author: jamari fox

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16 thoughts on “The Day After

  1. I totally relate with the overthinking thing. I still fall victim to that sometimes. That’s where the “go with the flow” comes in lol! Practice, practice!

    Its good that he cares. This is good for you. You need a friend in your corner man. Its odd how life works sometimes eh? Its rarely ever as we planned it to be. Who woulda thunk? Happy for you J!

  2. I deal with the same thing! If I’m used to constantly talking to someone and they aren’t constantly talking to me on a particular day, I get worried. Even if I don’t want them in my presence at that monent.

  3. I fall into that category as well. When I talk to someone about something, and they don’t speak to me or take too long to respond…I tend to get antsy and think something is wrong. Depending on the person though, sometimes it bothers me…other times I could care less. Lately, I could give two fucks less…and that ain’t good! LOL

  4. Dont worry bout being in your head like that because i do the same thing and it drives me nuts. Im glad yall are really developing a reciprocal friendship. I cant wait till yall really hang outside work and when liquor is involved. Thats when its gon get interesting lol.

  5. I think the same way Jamari, I’m trying to work on overthinking situations, but I guess work wolf is sticking around for a long time.

  6. I’m so with you in the overthinking thing, I do it to the point I will literally get a headache lol.

    It’s good he wants to be in your future, very sweet.

  7. I totally agree with the low key. I always say I HATE narcissism but I am narcissistic. It’s sad and very hypocritical. But I chalk it up to being 21 and having no one else to care for.

    I don’t know what to tell you about work wolf. LOL!

    Everyone is sayin don’t get caught up and think with ya head. But it’s hard to do that and innuendo is a bitch.

  8. Love this blog! Kinda just sit in the cut and read but the last couple of posts have drawn me in.

  9. You were scared weren’t you? Thought you lost him lol. It sounds to me he wants to be a true friend.

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