How I Set Up My Own Day For Potential Ruin

today has been a strange day.
it started off gloomy af.
the forecast said rain was coming later in the day.
so what i did?…

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The Day After Yesterday

1fa6d96a3803bc11c15a383b33335c1fthe day started off pretty gloomy.
the weather didn’t help either.
first of all,
i did not sleep last night.
i was up every two seconds watching coverage of the shit show.
hillary had my vote even tho i wasn’t too keen on her.
it was better than trump,
but my foxy senses told me a few weeks ago that he would win.
after like 230am or so,
i finally shut it all down and attempt to sleep.
i woke up tired af,
but when i immediately opened my social medias.
the winner was the first thing i saw.
this is when i went to the foxhole
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So That Time P.J. Williams Got A Day’s Worth of Coochie

AxDi3KRCMAAAtKqwell nfl baller wolf for the for the new orlean’s saints,
p.j. williams,
has a real busy peen.
i hope it’s protected in while making traction.
so he smashed 3 vixens in one day!
he also got blasted on fameolous over it…
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The Day After

tumblr_mhax4yDI6S1qb30dwo1_500i was a little worried today.
after the big revelation yesterday,
i didn’t know how work wolf would treat me.
its one thing for someone to think something,
its another for you to confirm it.
its like telling your parents you are gay.
they could say “well we always thought so”,
but then suddenly they switch up and start acting different.
it could go really bad,
really good,
or stay the same.
well when i got into work,
he was sort of distant.
thats when i started to get worried…
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Kick In The Door, Wavin’ The… (Aaah Whatever)

tumblr_n0v8x1GFzq1r787hmo1_500i literally walked in the door like a couple minutes ago.
yes i know…
so my boss hired a new older wolf to work in our team.
i spent the majority of the day training him.
liar liar was supposed to,
but she unofficially checked herself out of that duty.
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